50 cubed - week 4

I almost wussed bailed on posting this week. I mean it's kind of a downer to just hear how much I can't drink water. I do not know what on earth is wrong with me.

{We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post. Dianne just hit some keys that caused a crazy window to show up at the bottom of the screen with all her blog code. What keys did she hit? Where did that come from? Can she do it again? The answer to these and other questions may never be known. So we return you to your in-progress blog post.}

In the past, I've done a MUCH better job of drinking more water. It's almost as if the more I want to drink water, the less I do. It's insane, really. The big water jug? Yeah, that's working out great. NOT. The Mio? Ditto. I still can get a couple of days in with good water consumption and the rest? Not so much.

And it's been HOT here. Like upper 90s! Usually when it's hot, I'm MUCH better about drinking water.

I think I need to ground myself or something. Because I'm really not obeying well. At. All.

So yes, this is a couple days late. Yes, I tried to skip it. But I felt sorta guilty. What kind of accountability is that to myself if I just happen to not post? None. Zip Nada.

So, true confessions. Other than today, I've still been doing poorly with the water. Oh. And while I'm at it? The flaxseed is still sitting on the server. I stopped consuming it, too.

I am my own worst enemy.

One tiny victory, though. While I did have iced chai latte this morning, I went the entire day without soda - as in drinking WATER - until a late dinner tonight. But even then, I didn't have much. It just wasn't cutting it for me. Which is a good thing.

It's the beginning of a new habit. Right? One small step for . . . oh never mind. You get the picture.


Anonymous said...

What might help you is what has been helping me drink lots more water is that I set myself small goals...so, I might tell myself that by noon I need to drink 16oz., and every time I walk by my water bottle, I take a very large drink, check the time and see how I'm doing...It's easier for me to take it in smaller chunks than to tell myself that I have to drink 85oz of water for the day...seems too daunting and unattainable. Hope this helps! Jenny

Jacque said...

Hang in there sister.
Hey, maybe we need to chat. Do you Skype? catch me on FB and I will let you know my ID or we can use something else.
I have some questions about the whole water thing anyway.


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