Clock Adjustment

72-daylight savingEvery time we go on or off of Daylight Saving Time, it takes me awhile to get around to changing the clock on the stereo in my van. For one thing, I can never remember how to do it without the manual. Fortunately, I am smart enough to keep the manual handy in the crate between my front seats. Not only that, but it's always open to the page with the clock setting instructions clearly marked for my easy usage.

Yesterday, I wanted to be sure I got my clock adjusted because it gets rather annoying to have the wrong time on it. I pulled the manual out and handed it to my son, so I'd have a reminder to set it when I got home. Yeah, right. I carried the manual into the house with my purse and other stuff. Once I realized what I'd done, I went back out to the van, turned the key on, popped out a CD for my son, and set my clock.

Finally. The correct time in my van.

Fast forward almost 24 hours to early this afternoon. It's time to leave and my keys aren't hanging on their hook. While I may be inconsistent about a lot of things, I'm pretty sure my keys make it onto the hook about 95% of the time or more. But they weren't there. I checked my purse. Nope. The buffet, counter, and table. Nope. I couldn't possibly have left them in the van. Could I?

I took a walk outside and looked in the van and sure enough - they were right there in the steering column. Not good.

Then I also noticed that they didn't seem to be at the correct angle. It appeared that perhaps the keys were still turned on, based upon that angle. For nearly 24 hours. Also not good.

Yes, I do have an extra key - on my husband's key ring. Since he does mobile RV service, there are a lot of places he could be. Fortunately I knew where he was. Unfortunately, he was around 50 miles away. For pretty much the entire day. Third not good.

Thanks to my mom, I was able to get where I needed to go, and back home again. And then John got home around dinner time. They keys were still right where I left them. Sadly, I was right about the angle - the keys were on. The battery was dead as it could be.

battery charger

I am so grateful that I have a handy husband with LCTS {Lots of Cool Tools and Stuff}. He promptly pulled out the battery charger and hooked me up.

My hero!


Wordless Wednesday - Mural

downtown mural

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WW - Growing Collection


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Life to the Full

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10 NIV


I have had my eye on this collection for quite some time now, so I was very excited to have this opportunity to review a set of Dayspring's Life to the Full 4-piece place setting.

life plates

This collection is bright, cheery, colorful, and fun! Of course, living in a household of guys {other than the cat and she just doesn't care}, that isn't overly impressive to the majority. But I absolutely love using these plates. The sweet little 6" Bread Plate happily greets me each morning with my cinnamon apple streusel toast. Either the 8" Dessert Plate or the 10" Breakfast Plate is a perfect fit for my lunch, and the 10" Breakfast Plate is also quite lovely for my dinner.

The large 12" Dinner Plate has done an excellent job of serving up pancakes for dinner, cool ranch chicken, and other items. We don't tend to use large dinner plates for dinner, except at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and a few other times throughout the year - like tonight when it nicely accommodated my Chipotle kid's meal. But they still get plenty of use as serving plates in the meantime.

chipotle kids meal

In addition to this beautiful 4-piece place setting, there are two 16" platters (in blue or red), matching coffee mugs, 6" bowls, and a gorgeous pitchertea towels, reversible place mats, and a table runner, all in the red design.

Oh, I almost forgot - they're microwave and dishwasher safe! Does it get any better? Whimsical, practical fun! Actually, it does get better {I feel like an infomercial, but it's really exciting!}.

They are THIRTY PERCENT off this month!! Yes, I know, there's not a lot of month left, but seriously, that is a killer deal. Just use the code LIFE30 when you go here to order and you'll get the deal.

Hurry. Order now.

So you don't forget.

You'll thank me when they arrive at your front door.

In case you don't believe me, you can also check out what some other people had to say about these beautiful dishes here.


Perigee Moon

Only in recent months have I had even minimal success with moon shots. They're still not crisp and fantastic, but they're getting better. I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to capture the perigee moon tonight, but was pretty excited to get a handful of shots.

perigee moon1a

perigee moon2

I was sitting in the Avalanche, with my camera on an unopened tripod {monopod, right?} shooting out the driver's window in the back of a church parking lot. You do what you can to make it work.

And yes, I'm aware of that spot in each photo. They're in the rest of them, too. I'm thinking it's the lens, as it's one I don't use often and it hasn't been there until tonight. Will be getting that checked out pronto.


Wordless Wednesday - the Outlaw

the outlaw

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Wordless Wednesday - Old Stove

old stove

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I'm trying to get away from the idea that I operate in an all-or-nothing mentality. But I end up there, even when I work for a little more balance. Once again, I'm back to posting only Wordless Wednesday pictures. In a batch-posting sort of way, I am relatively current on my photoblog. I should not be surprised, though. This is how I operate in all of life. Motivated, disciplined, inspired . . . for a time. And then not. I truly drive myself crazy.


I seem to be busy, but I'm not always sure with what. Of course, there's homeschool. The boys do a good portion of their work independently, so I have a little time in that regard. Some days I plan meals, do laundry, and am fairly productive. Other days, not so much.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the weekend helping a friend move to another city. That was a big move. She has big furniture. And other things. Last weekend, she came back here to pick up her son {he stayed with us a couple days, as he had nowhere to live}.

When not moving friends, hubby's been working quite a bit. Which is good. Working = income. We like income.

There've been homeschool meetings, self defense class, a King Arthur flour demonstration, hair cuts, crop attending, and the usual things of life. Some days, there's too much time online. Just like the rest of it, some days it's under control...

Last night I got a wild hair to make a new blog header {kind of late at night, naturally}. So I threw something together and uploaded it. I'm so fickle.

The curly hair experiment: it's going well. I'm pretty settled into a good routine and am definitely seeing more defined curls than I used to have. My friend Lucy also found a hair stylist who knows curly hair. And isn't terribly expensive. Even though mine is the only haircut that we pay for, I still want to pay a reasonable price. Otherwise, I'll hardly ever get it trimmed. I'm about due, so hopefully sometime in the next few weeks.

I'm so ready for spring. As much as the cold never used to bother me, I think that after living in our last house where we froze so much of the year, my body's thermostat has reset itself. I'm also ready to clean up the flower garden and watch for the bulbs to grow. Ready to give the mostly-Square Foot Garden a go again, with a little more experience behind me. I'm ready for days when the windows can be open.

That's about it. All the not-so-thrilling living that I've been doing. I know, you can hardly stand the excitement. All two of you.

Anyway, have an awesome weekend - what's left of it. Perhaps I'll go see what I have in draft, finish some posts, and surprise you with something more than a once-a-week photo.

Work In Progress

Yes, I know. Nothing matches now. But as is ever the case, I get bored with my blog design and feel the need to change it. It's time to go to bed, so that's all I've done this evening. It may not even stay like this. Or it might. Who knows. Since I only seem to post on Wednesdays, it may not even be seen by anyone before it's completed.



Wordless Wednesday - Spider


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