Wordless Wednesday - Dandelion Seeds

dandelion seed-1

dandelion seed02

dandelion seed-3

For more wordlessness, check out Gabriel's blog and the WW hub.


Wordless Wednesday - Dandelion


For more wordlessness, check out Gabriel's blog and the Wordless Wednesday hub.


Cool Swap Goodies

It's been a long time since I participated in The Homeschool Post's Swap (mostly because I'm a horrible slacker!). But I decided it was a good time to jump into the swapping fun again. I was very blessed to be paired up with Raven from Discover the Child. My package arrived today and it is awesome! She was so sweet and really personalized everything.

swap goodies

  • Starting at the top left is a clip of the inside of the adorable card she sent. Aren't her doodles just the cutest thing?
  • Going clockwise, the next item (top right) is a package of scrapbooking rub-ons. I love these! The colors are bright and fun and rub-ons are one of my favorite accessories in scrapbooking.
  • Continuing on in our clockwise circle, we have some very cute polka-dot cherry napkins. These will definitely look great on our picnic table out on the patio.
  • Next comes the Dr Pepper lip balm. Mmmmm....you all know how I feel about Dr Pepper.
  • And working on around, at about 7-8:00 we have a Citrus & Ginger Root body bar from Burt's Bees. I currently use a couple of Burt's items which I love, so I look forward to trying this out.
  • And last, but not least, at 9:00 . . . DRY ERASE MARKERS!! Woo hoo!! I posted this lovely gift from a friend a couple months ago and these are just what the doctor...er, teacher/mom ordered! Notice the pink marker? I'll never have to worry about my boys nabbing that one. HA! HA!
  • Everything was lovingly wrapped in purple (my fav color) tissue paper.

Thanks so much, Raven! You're a wonderful and thoughtful swap buddy!!

I'd better be getting your package in the mail pronto!

Wordless Wednesday - Hanging Bees

hanging bees

hanging bees2

For more wordlessness, go to Gabriel's blog and the Wordless Wednesday hub.


Mother's Day Gifts

My Mother's Day didn't start out the way I'd anticipated. My gifts were also not what many might expect. No, I wasn't looking for breakfast in bed or home-delivered Starbucks, I was actually going to have my nieces over while my husband and brother-in-law went golfing with hubby's sister and her husband. I'm sure many of you find that atrocious - the guys are going golfing while the mom is home with the kids?!?! My sister had to work, btw, which is why I would've had the girls. Really, it's fine. My husband is sweet, thoughtful, and wonderful and it was not an issue for me if he golfed in the morning - something he does very, very rarely. In fact, I offered to watch the girls so they could go.

However. My sweet, thoughtful, and wonderful husband has been extremely busy with work; full days, getting home late, and on Saturday he helped a friend do some repairs on his truck - all day long. He was pretty sore by the time he was done and then got into our truck that night, turned to put something in the back, and tweaked his neck. He was okay the rest of the night, but when he woke up Sunday morning, he was no longer okay. In fact, he had a wicked headache. The tweaked neck was the icing on the cake; the week had caught up with him.

So I quietly got up at 7:00, got him an ice pack for his head, and went downstairs. I decided to bake some cinnamon scones, as I knew the breakfast options were limited. I cleaned up the kitchen (a little bit), and just enjoyed the quiet of the morning. It was gorgeous outside - long before the annoying wind showed up - so I sat out on the steps and watered the garden, took a few pictures, and breathed in the fresh morning air. Mother's Day Gift #1.

alium bud1

Once the scones were done, ClayGuy was up, so we sat down and had warm scones for breakfast together. Short but sweet. Mother's Day Gift #2.

alium bud

Sometime after 10:00, hubby got up and was feeling better. The Comedian finally hauled his teenage self out of bed as well. They had their breakfast scones and the boys watched some cartoons. Hubby & I got ready for the day and he was in rare form, obviously feeling entirely better. Mother's Day Gift #3.

alium bud 3

We went to hubby's moms, picking up some lunch on the way, and it turned out that all three of his siblings were there. Usually we get to see one or two of them, but being Mother's Day, they were all in attendance. We sat out on the front porch, told funny and quirky stories, and laughed ourselves silly. I even learned about a very humorous story involving my sister-in-law, who has the same name as me, and a police officer I know. Mother's Day Gift #4.

laughing siblings

We came home and putzed around the house for awhile. For dinner, the collective moms (my Mom, sister, and me) had decided we did NOT want to venture into a restaurant that would be packed to the gills, have an hour or more wait, and chaotic service. That just didn't appeal to us. Instead, we opted for our most favorite, awesome BBQ joint and hubby & I went and picked up smoked turkey and brisket. I had baked some potatoes earlier and others provided a couple of other side dishes. Dessert was a couple containers of ice cream and some vanilla wafer cookies. Not cooking, baking, and working hard in the kitchen - Mother's Day Gift #5.

It was a lovely day - busy, but not too much so. Time spent with family, eating delicious food, hearty laughing, and simply enjoying one another. It was a very blessed Mother's Day, indeed!


I'm Still Here & a Tulip

Nope, I haven't fallen off the planet - I've just been very busy with a project. I'll be sharing more about what's going on later this weekend. I will, however, leave you with photos of my very first tulip. It's a beautiful yellow with pink streaks and I'm so excited that a tulip appeared in my garden this year. Especially because I didn't have any there last year.




Wordless Wednesday - Sharp Horse

sharp horse-3

sharp horse-1

sharp horse-2

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