About Me

What about me?

I love Jesus. I am ever grateful for His sacrifice and resurrection which paid the price for my wretched sin. The salvation He gave me is priceless, although it cost Him everything.

I am crazy in love with my husband of 26+ years. We have a wonderful marriage. For reals. We don't fight nor argue. We occasionally disagree, but not often. We're good at communicating with each other. Our biggest marital flaw? Neither of us wants to hurt the other's feelings or say "no" when the other one wants something. Cause we love each other a LOT. I have no idea how or why I'm so blessed. But I am. So I'll accept that.

Please don't stop reading. I know, right now I sound like one of those people you probably want to hate. As if people really have such great marriages and rainbows and unicorns. Don't worry. I'm getting to the nitty gritty.

I'm a homeschooling mom to two teenage boys. Please, stay with me here. I'm not Mrs Perfect Homeschool Mom. In fact, I'm rather a slacker homeschool mom. I don't hold my boys accountable as much as I ought. I don't push them as hard as I should. I let things slide too often. And even though the phrase shut up isn't allowed in our family, I tell them to "Shut up a little." I learned that from King Julian. Because I'm all about continuing my own education, you know.

Can two words be a phrase? Should I know that if I'm homeschooling teenage boys? Will it be on the test?

I almost never go to bed on time.

Nor do I get up on time. I think mornings and sunrises and that golden hour are all so beautiful. But getting out of bed? Not so much. As much as I love my sleep, you'd think I'd make a concerted effort to get more of it.

I can sometimes be found in my pajamas at lunchtime. Ditto with the boys. I mean, we're not going anywhere, right?

I love photography. I want to be a better photographer. I want a better lens or two, too {tutu?}. I shot a wedding once. I told them I'd never done that. They might wish to hire someone else. The stakes are high. But they wanted me to do it anyway. It was pretty fun. And a ton of editing. More than I'd anticipated. And then I shot another wedding. With a blown knee. Thank God, He provided a second shooter. A pro. And another follower of Jesus. Sweet.

I'm a recovering packrat. I spend much of my time decluttering. Thanks to the previous years of cluttering, it's an uphill battle.

I like words. And word games. And reading. And writing. And grammar. And punctuation. Which I am demonstrating my exceptionally mad skillz at right here and now. Sometimes I proof and edit things. But don't consider this as my experience. Cause you won't want to hire me. I used to win all the spelling bees in elementary school. It was the girls against the boys. The girls always won. Because I always won. I also type very fast.

I drink too much Dr Pepper. Because my taste buds love it and they have a stronger will than me.

I love instagram. You can see my pix on my instagrid page.

I love to go to Starbucks. But I can't stand coffee. I like the smell of the beans, freshly ground coffee, and the brewing. But no tasting, thankyouverymuch. It's hard to understand how something that smells so good can taste so bad. Especially considering the way our taste buds and sense of smell are connected. On the other hand, I love iced venti non-fat chai lattes. And the occasional passion tea lemonade sweetened with raspberry. My sister work there, too. So sometimes I get to see her. If not, at least they know me because I'm the nameless sister of one of their coworkers. I've actually gotten a cup that had "Susan's sister" written on it. Love it.

As with much in my life, this is currently an unfinished project. But it's late. And I'm tired. I'll revisit this next time.

I just noticed there are no photos on this page. That will need to change.

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