Welcome Back Franklin

Many, many year ago, in a land far away (well, maybe just across town), I worked in corporate America. Our company had a Franklin Certified Trainer. As in Franklin day planners. I was fortunate enough to get to attend said training.

It rocked and I was hooked.

I had a very good relationship with my Franklin planner for a long time. But somewhere along the way, life had fallen into a slightly more laid back mode, and Franklin was a little cumbersome for a handful of To Dos and some homeschooling. So he sat on the shelf. Occasionally, I'd feel the need to have a planner, but something smaller, leaner. I tried a variety of options. Each had its benefits and worked for a time. But Franklin was always there, quietly waiting. He knew his replacements could never compete.

And he was right.

While in Denver last week, I stopped off at the Franklin store. Yes, I know it's Franklin-Covey, but I met Franklin when he was solo. None of those helpful or successful or purposeful habits or anything. Just the meat and potatoes of the Franklin system. The system I love. The system I can pick up at any time and be transformed into Organized & Efficient Woman.

But I digress.

I had to wait until July 1 to get back into my Franklin routine. The refills begin either then or January 1. Well, I certainly can't wait around until next year to get my act together.

And now, here we are - July 1, 2011. The first day back together with my Franklin planner. Sigh. Look out all you pieces of my disorganized and fragmented life. I've got a partner this time and together, we're taking names and kicking butt.


Happy sigh.


Tracy said...

I used him too. We were close friends, until I met Ms. Palm Pilot. Digital is my thing. And so, now it's iPhone, BABY! All sync. I do miss paper and pen once in a while....but then I get over it. LOL!

P.S. use Mr. Franklin and SCHEDULE your 365 and blogging stuff, WOMAN! ;)~

kayerj said...

Franklin was very helpful in my pre-laid back days. I don't have much use for him now a days. But when I have something big to plan the principles kick in and I must say--I can really organize an event!

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