Starbucks and the Fisheye Lens

Not sure that was a great title. It sounds like a story. It's really just some pictures of our morning at Starbucks. Pictures shot with a fisheye lens.

You can lean back, Caleb, but you can't escape this lens!
starbucks fisheye-1

My niece
starbucks fisheye-2

My niece, up close
starbucks fisheye-4

Stretched out cup

starbucks fisheye-3

It's a lot easier to get in the picture with your sister when your lens is this wide.

starbucks fisheye


Six Degrees of Fish

Do you know about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, that's sort of how my brain operates.

For example, I was going to write a post just now about our morning at Starbucks with my sister and my nieces last week on the day before school started. It was also the last day of my fisheye lens rental from BorrowLenses. Naturally, I have some fishy pictures from our morning. While trying to come up with a clever post title involving Starbucks and fisheye, I thought of Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes. Mom gave me a cassette (yes, it was a few years back) of Barnes & Barnes which had that song on it. Well, it turns out that one of the fictitious brothers Barnes is none other than Bill Mumywho played Will Robinson on Lost in Space. (He's remarkably talented in many areas, btw - interesting bio.) Not only that, but his daughter, Liliana Mumy played Charlie's step-sister (the cute red-headed girl) in The Santa Clause 2 and 3. And since it's only January, we've just come off of a few viewings of the SC movies.

Sometimes when we're watching a movie or tv show, I'll look up information on IMDB. But it's sort of like getting on Pinterest. One thing leads to another to another (Yes, now THAT song** is in my head. You know, the one by The Fixx.) and you learn all sorts of trivia about actors and actresses that may or may not be of future value to you.

Like when you try to write a blog post and become completely distracted...

** That Fixx concert was at Rainbow Music Hall in Denver in 1983. Which reminds me that John & I, along with one of his best friends, Stan, and my sister, went to Rainbow Music Hall in October of 1983 to see Huey Lewis & the News. When they were brand new on the scene and most people didn't even know who they were. But if you said, "The band who sings Heart and Soul," they knew who you were talking about. And yes, now that one is in my head. You're welcome. We bought tickets for that show the day before for $9.00 each (I am seriously old, aren't I?!?!) and we were only three rows away from the stage. Incredible show. Two years later I saw them at Red Rocks where they sold out three shows. Tickets were a little pricier, too. Probably $12.00 - $13.00. Ha! Ha!


Oh yeah, pictures from Starbucks with the fisheye lens. That will have to be another post, because this one's already full.

And then I wonder why I forget to do the laundry or start dinner.


Accomplishment on a Windy Day

Boy howdy, was it windy around here today! Caleb was working with John, so Zach and I headed off to run some errands. On the windiest day in . . . well, a very long time. Thankfully we weren't blown to Kansas or Oz or some crazy thing. Although, I'd like to go to Kansas and see Carrie, but not in a cold wind, thankyouverymuch.

I've accumulated a bunch of piddly little errands that have just been nagging at me and getting moved to the next week (and the next week...) in my planner for far too long. But no longer! Today, we accomplished the following:

  • Mailed a book to Shannon (I'd better email her!) 
  • Dropped off a friend's things at her storage unit (space in my van again) 
  • Returned some curriculum to Mardel's (bought more than I meant)
  • Exchanged maple sugar at Savory Spice (garlic-smoky-bbq doesn't taste good in there)
  • Dropped off the utility bill and payment (they like it when you pay them)
  • Picked up books on hold at the library (Caleb's interested in woodcarving) 
  • Took pictures of the wind blowing a fountain sideways (no, not a piddly errand) 
  • Bought spiral-bound index cards for scripture memorization 
  • And we threw in lunch at Chick-Fil-A for good measure. Or maybe that was for good taste. Well, tasting good, anyway. 

Some of these tasks I've been trying to accomplish for awhile now, so it felt wonderful to get them off my list! I'm ever so happy that they won't be moving forward into next week with me.

Oh, and the wind today? Holy moly, Batman! That was NOT fun. Nor pleasant. I got a couple shots of Pikes Peak while we were downtown, as well as some shots of the train tracks and the bridges. Cold, but not bad.

pikes peak

tracks bridge-vignette

Then we stopped at a park on the way home since the water was blowing horizontally at the fountain. The wide-open park offered plenty of room for cold air and wind to whip violently around me. Enough so that I had to wear the hood on my hoodie. But my poor fingers? Well, let's just say they got the worst of the deal. I shot pictures until I could no longer change camera settings because my fingers had no feeling.

frozen waterfall closeup

fountain pond ducks

frozen waterfall-sm

And then I shot a little more.

windy fountain pond

Zach said I was nuts.

We had to wait for my fingers to thaw before I could drive home, though.

Happy little best-of-all gummy bears who get eaten last. Because they're the best!

Poor frozen, dried-up fingers.


A New Project

Because I don't have enough to do.

I've participated in 365 Projects before. I know of one year where I actually made it the entire year. Another time, I didn't. I don't remember the others. I didn't do one last year, because...well, I guess I just didn't want to. But now I'm ready again.

There are plenty of projects out there that people can join and play with all sorts of other people, which is fun and inspiring and interesting. While I want to do this, I don't know that I want the pressure of playing with everyone else. Selfish? Perhaps. But I said pressure of playing, not the fun of it. Because I like the social interaction and the connections. But the pressure of keeping up with so many people overwhelmed me the last time I did this. I'd get behind and feel guilty and then spend a bunch of time catching up on the last 7-10 days' of images posted and leave comments. I really just don't need added stress.

So I'm playing on my own this time. I'm sure I'll still check out some other 365ers, but only when I have the time and inclination. I do still enjoy the interaction and inspiration. Rather than clog up this blog (as if it's been so busy!), I'm posting these over at another one, called 365 in Color. Instead of just photographing whatever each day, I wanted a framework or theme to follow. So it will be one color per month. Here's the plan:

  • January - white
  • February - pink
  • March - brown
  • April - yellow
  • May - purple
  • June - blue
  • July - red, white & blue
  • August - turquoise
  • September - black
  • October - green
  • November - orange
  • December - red

Yes, I know that July isn't A color, but I was running out of ideas, without venturing off into chartreuse, vermilion, or verdigris. That would probably make me a little crazy(er!).

It sounds easy, but I suspect that after about a week's worth of pictures, it may become just a little more challenging at times (especially in July!).


New Year's Eve - 2012

We often have more people over on New Year's Eve, but due to sickness and the potential for slippery roads, it was the four of us and my parents. We still had a wonderful time. I made homemade fettuccine Alfredo for dinner (just the sauce, not the noodles). We had salad and focaccia bread as well.

Then the boys headed downstairs to play their games and we got the cards out for a game of Oh Hell and a couple games of Liverpool Rummy.

We had a relatively new deck for Oh Hell, so handling, shuffling, and dealing was a little challenging.


A different perspective.

Some delicious chocolate!

In case you missed it on Facebook, my mom has a chip on her shoulder. A very tasty chip from Senor Manuel's, specifically.

chip shoulder

I've been having some fun with this fisheye lens over the holidays! Although I can't get a shot that's a full circle because my camera has a crop sensor. But it's still fun to play with!


Happy 2013

January 1, any year:

A clean slate. 

A brand new month. 

A brand new year. 

A fresh start.

Being that not a single one of us is perfect, I find few people who don't feel at least the tiniest desire to change, improve, or do something better in a new year. Resolutions, many of us call them. Or we call them something else, seeing how resolution has become synonymous with failure. No matter what we call it, it's a tough road to journey for three-hundred and sixty-five days without discouragement, frustration, and distraction sidelining us.

There are many projects and endeavors in which I want to participate. After all, January 1st only comes once a year. If I don't hop on today, my chances of joining prior to the next January 1st diminish significantly.

Project Life
365 Project
Project 52
One Little Word
Read Through the Bible in a Year
1,000 Gifts / Joy Dare
The Happiness Project
and many more

The above are just some which lure me personally. In addition to eating better, going to bed on time, getting more exercise, drinking more water, blogging regularly, reading more books, and a myriad of other goals and intentions.

Do you ever reach a point where you feel like perhaps this year could be different? Perhaps this time you really could actually make some different choices? That's where I am. While I can't possibly do all of the things listed above and still manage the life I already have, I'm picking a few.

One Little Word
I've seen people choose or pray about having a word as a sort of theme for the year. There are blogs, websites, classes, and even a book about your word. Every year, I give it some thought, and some years, I even come up with a word. But being a notorious quitter (actually, I'm not at all notorious, I'm more of a secretly quitting and hoping nobody notices and calls me on it person), I've never followed through with such a project. In order to prevent this from ending shortly after it begins, I signed up for a class at Big Picture Classes, called One Little Word, taught by Ali Edwards. I hope that this will keep my word at the forefront of life, keeping me on track this year.

My word?

It's actually tied to my secretly quitting and hoping nobody notices and calls me on it issues.

persever - olw

I often struggle with following through on things. I have the best of intentions, get all fired up to start something new and better, but my motivation quickly fizzles and fades. Rather than picking myself up, dusting off my proverbial britches, and getting back on the road, I bemoan the fact that I've failed again, think that I might give it another go, and feel guilty that I probably never do.

So my goal this year is to just get back to it. Take that step. Do one small thing. Whatever it takes. I'm ready to see some different results this year.

As He usually does, the Lord is already preparing the way for this. I read some things which I hope will encourage and remind me along the journey. I'm listing them here so I can return to them when I need to.

* * * * * * *

There are a couple of other things for 2013, but they'll wait for tomorrow. After all, I'm going to bed earlier this year.

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