Peanut Butter

Just the title alone will cause some to practically salivate at the thought. Others, not so much. And many in between. Well, if more than three people read this, anyway.

I'm not a huge peanut butter fan. At least that's what I say aloud. Even in my head. In fact, most of the time, things made with peanut butter don't sound that appealing (other than fresh, warm, soft peanut butter cookies!). But I actually kind of like it more than I let on. Especially when it's freshly ground and flavored with maple and honey.

We have a store downtown called PB&J's. They make their own fresh PB in their store in a cool red grinder. {Which reminds me - why did I not take a picture of it? That's so out of character for me.}

They have other flavors, though they didn't really appeal to me, so I conveniently forgot what they are. Other than plain. Which I'm sure is pretty awesome, too.

But this? Honey Maple Peanut Butter?

pb by bunnytrails, on Pix-O-Sphere
(Pardon the focus, or lack thereof, on these. Not sure what happened.)


pb sandwich by bunnytrails, on Pix-O-Sphere

Nothing short of amazing! It's so incredibly good that it needs no accompaniment. I had a bread and PB sandwich today. It was so good that I made another half. Sigh. Pure bliss.

What food do you eat that you think you don't care that much about, but when you eat it you really enjoy it a lot? When it comes to peanut butter, I also love Reese's little teeny weeny miniature unwrapped cups. Chilled, of course.


Show Me - Table

A few years back, another blog friend, Robert, hosted a meme called Show Me. We had specific things to post for this assignment and you can see my previous version here. There are some posts besides those that follow, but for whatever reason, they popped up, too, in my search.

Anyway, one of the girls, Kaylia, who participate in that thought it would be fun to do it again. So I said, "Sure, I'm in." And then I almost forgot to be in. But I digress. My poor little blog here could use something to share, so here we go.

Week 1: Table {<-----click to see the meme}

John and I have had this dining room table for a very, very long time. I think we bought it around 1991, maybe. The original chairs started to get a little wobbly (I can't imagine why, raising two boys!) and about 7 1/2 years ago, John brought home some free RV chairs. Those are what you see around the table now. They were fairly close to matching. And did I mention they were free? We like free. Mostly. The table has a leaf, so it's sometimes larger.

For quite awhile, this table was also the home office of John's business. Which was not always convenient when it came time to eat. So sometimes we ate in the family room. In front of the tv. Don't judge me. But on another happy, free note, someone gave us a pretty nice desk, so now his home office has a more permanent residence. And we get to eat at the table more often.

It's been a good table. We've had a lot of meals here, played a lot of games here, and used it as a fort. I imagine it'll be around for a lot more years, too.

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