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My boys have been giving me a hard time because I don't really care to hear or play Christmas music. At first, I had an issue with it, as two of our local radio stations started to play Christmas music on November 7th!! That is WAY too early. I typically start playing it on Thanksgiving. Which I did. I had an instrumental Christmas station playing on Pandora. I figured that would be the catalyst and I'd be in a Christmas mood after that. However, the next day, I tried to play some and it just didn't work for me. So I went back to my regular music.


I've played my Oh, For Joy! CD by David Crowder Band. I've played TSO. I'm still not there. I hear it in stores and other businesses, but it's just not happening for me. We don't yet have our tree up and I thought that perhaps that was part of it.

And then last week, it dawned on me. It's the weather. I'm pretty sure we've only had snow in town once this year. ONCE. In Colorado. And it's December 3rd! Not only is there no snow, but the temperatures have been in the lower 60s most days (as high as 65!). It's definitely the weather that's throwing me off. It just feels like a nice October fall day, not December, and definitely not nearing Christmas.

Now I realize that for some of you, the whole snow and cold weather thing is irrelevant (southern Cal, some Texas friends, Floridians, etc.), but living most of my life in Colorado, this is just not normal. It's very strange. And really very bad because we're experiencing record drought here. Given that we are already living in a semi-arid climate and the fires we've had over the past dozen of years, this is very bad.

So I'm going to pray like crazy for some moisture and SNOW. Our state needs the moisture desperately and I'd like to feel just a little more Christmasy.

On a funny side note, we watched White Christmas (I just love that movie!) last night and when they arrive in Vermont, the big draw is supposed to be all the glorious snow, but there's none. In fact, it's warm and lovely - kind of like Colorado. When Bob, Phil, Betty, and Judy step off the train, we commented that they must be in Colorado.

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