It's Monday

...so I will just write some random stuff. Because I haven't done that in a long while. And I don't have any particular thing to write about tonight, but don't want to neglect my blog.

Vital Records and Such
The Comedian is ready to get his driver's permit, so I went to pull his Very Important Documents (birth certificate and SS card) out, only to discover that they're missing. UGH. So I go online and do a little research to find out what I need to get replacements. It turns out that a birth certificate is pretty simple. Fill out the form, have a picture ID (mine, since he's a minor and I'm requesting it), and hand over seventeen dollars and seventy-five cents. The very nice lady will go to her desk and do her magic and the printer will happily spit out a birth certificate. Easy peasy.

So it's onto the Social Security Administration where the sign isn't very readable that tells you to go the computer to have a number ticket for your turn. But the waiting area was quite comfortable and pleasant, with plenty of seating. They were on #119. We were given #161. Sigh. Going on a Monday was probably not the best option, but I had free time.

The Comedian thought we should try another time and not stick it out. I objected. Being the mom and the holder of the car keys, I won. He wasn't terribly happy about it, but I took the opportunity to explain that there are times in life when you just have to wait in a line or wait for a long time for something. It's not pleasant, but it's just the way life rolls.

Nearly an hour later, we walked out . . . failing completely to have the SS card ordered. It turns out that once 9/11 happened, everything became much more difficult to accomplish when it comes to important government documents. I have a birth certificate. I have the form filled out, completely with my son's SSN, DOB, and hubby's and my pertinent info. I have my ID. But apparently, that's not enough. They can't just look up his SSN on their computers, look at the info I've provided, and accept my request for a replacement card.

Mmmm....Fiber One 90 calorie brownie bars look very good.

Sorry about that. Sad, isn't it? A commercial in a blog post. Ha! Ha! I'm sometimes distracted.

So the nice man at the SSA office went down the list of other documents which would validate my son for the government.

School ID: We homeschool. They won't accept the ID that I provide.

Passport: Nope. He hasn't been out of the country.

Permit/License: Um, no. That's why I'm in need of his social security card.

Military ID: No. We're not military.

Doctor's Records (within the last 2 years): My son's quite healthy and hasn't been to the doctor in the past two years. No records that recent.

Somewhere around this time, my son remembers that he's been to the chiropractor this year. Would records from her office work? Yes, as long as it has his name and birth date on it. Very much unlike the birth certificate that has his name and birth date on it. Whatever. At least the kind man says that will work.

So, it's off to get another document later this week so that we can go back and repeat the process, hopefully with a better outcome.

ClayGuy's Latest Venture
My other son is busily creating a new claymation story. Instead of a quick little 30 second effort with a few clay figures, four rolls of film, a camera on a tripod, and Mom, he and a friend are diligently working on a storyline. He has another friend helping create the set. And yet another friend will help with the video. I'm excited to see how this will turn out.

I've been having some fun with instagram. While I often have a camera on me, it's so handy and easy to whip out the cell phone and shoot something. Since it comes with filters, it's super simple to add one and upload it wherever you want - Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. You can check out my images at instagrid. You'll probably see a more quirky side of me there.

There's a pillow behind my chair.

I think I've run out of stuff. Either that, or it's bedtime.

I believe it's the latter.


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