I really dislike dill pickles and anything flavored with dill. But I kind of like the light scent of fresh dill because it brings back happy childhood memories of my mom making pickles. Even though I didn't eat or like the pickles.



We have dill growing in our front yard and it's kind of pretty. It also brings back those happy memories. But as of last year, it's good for another thing. It hosts these beautiful caterpillars.


As near as I can tell from my research, these will be black swallowtail butterflies. If they make it that far, which most of them don't. I wish we could see their cocoons and watch them become butterflies. That would be so awesome.


If we didn't have the caterpillars, I'd probably thin the dill out. But I'm happy to leave them there for the caterpillars to feast upon.


Beth said...

are those guys as big as they look? mmm, and I love dill pickles :)

Anonymous said...

When life gives you dill.....
I know - you aren't a dill fan! They are very cool to see.

kayerj said...

mmmm . . .I love dill, the smell, the look and the taste. My friend grows it in her herb garden right outside her kitchen door. It's also the door most people prefer to use since she is a kitchen woman and spends most of her time making marvelous concoctions. Love the pictures.

Jacque said...

I also LOVE Dill, the smell, the taste, it looks nice (reminds me of the Queen Anne's Lace from my childhood a bit). My Grandfather used to make pickles... dill, bread and butter... in his large crock. We loved it.
I have some dill seeds I need to plant also. I guess I'll just toss a few out the door and see how they do. We had Dill growing in my flower garden in IN around our big stump.
Good memories... thanks.

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