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Any ideas?

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To Whom It May Concern

To any of you sweet people who've recently commented on my blog:

I am SOOOO sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I usually do a fair job of at least coming to visit, leaving a comment, or responding via email. Somehow, I've just fallen to the wayside of late.

I have recently discovered (after many hard spiritual whacks to the head, cause I'm fairly thick-headed like that), that my proverbial plate is too full. If your plate has too much stuff on it, something might fall off. Or be hanging off the side, at the very least.

Unfortunately, the side-hanging, falling off stuff is the most important stuff of my life - my walk with God, my family, my home, and homeschool. The stuff that's filling up my plate? It's the secondary things - things that aren't necessarily bad, in fact many are good, but are not the best for me right now.

At this moment, I'm in the midst of a couple of big projects, but once they're done, I'll be moving along, focusing on my real priorities, decluttering our house, and getting ready to move. Not that we've found THE house, but we want to be prepared.

I really appreciate those of you who drop by, and especially when you comment. I will respond, hopefully soon, but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I always enjoy checking out your blogs and meeting new bloggy friends.

Crazy in Colorado,

ps - I do have some fun pix that I hope to have up tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, so be sure to check back.


Happy Habits of a Homeschooler

Every Friday, the Heart of the Matter Online hosts a homeschool meme. This week, we get to share our Happy Habits. In my case, it's ONE Happy Habit.

Daily Walk - It's a short little jaunt around our neighborhood loop, but we enjoy it immensely. Even if the day starts out poorly, moods aren't the best, or whatever, taking our 20 minute walk always improves our outlook. Our neighborhood is quite nice and well-kept, so it's a pleasure to view the gardens, yard art, and say "hi" to a few neighbors.

We've recently experienced some winter weather here in Colorado, but the that hasn't stopped the gardens from blooming.

Path through an empty lot to the local park

Lovely flowers

Curly-cue yucca

I just love grape hyacinths!


Wordless Wednesday - Through the Lens

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Carnival of Homeschooling - Sculpture Walk

This is a repost of my second blog post ever (Is It a Breadstick, 09/06). At the time, it served as an entry to a contest. Now it serves as an entry to Dana's Carnival of Homeschooling - The Homeschool Bag Lady edition. I also updated it with a few photos of the resulting scrapbook.


a breadstick?At the beginning of our first year of homeschool, we were studying Sculpture and Pottery. On our way to the local art museum, a moment of spontaneity hit – the Art on the Streets program exhibits various sculptures throughout our downtown area. Instead of the museum, we opted to do a “Sculpture Walk.” The assignment? My son, with notebook in hand, would write the title, the artist’s name, what material he thought was used for each piece, as well as something of interest to him. We photographed each sculpture, eventually including my son in the pictures.

As we reached the end of our walk, we came upon this particular piece from the backside and my son thought it looked like a breadstick, so he promptly “took a bite!” We had no idea what it was supposed to be until we got around to the front.

It’s called “Nun More Happy.” (This also provided an opportunity to discuss puns.)

Once the film was developed, my son created a small scrapbook. Each layout included one or more photos along with the information he wrote during our walk.

The cover

Our Sculpture Walk turned out to be loads of fun and it gave him (and me) a new appreciation for sculpture. Since they rotate the Art on the Streets, we may have to do a Sculpture Walk II.

Running from the big buffalo and looking waaaay up at the bear

Checking out what the very tall cowboy's reading

While it's not a good shot, he's got his tongue sticking out in a "yummy" kind of look. The title of the pig and chicken is Ham & Eggs.


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Project Green, Take One

I enjoyed perusing the shots from Anna Carson's Project Yellow, but didn't get a chance to join in. Now she's begun Project Green and this is what came to mind:


Project Look Through - Arch

I can't seem to stop. LOL! Another contribution to the Project Look Through.


Project Look Through - Carousel

Here's my second edition to Project Look Through. Although this might be more accurately titled Project Reflection.

While it appears to be seen through a garage door, it's actually a reflection in a garage door at a local fun center. Made for an interesting photo, nonetheless.


Project Look Through

I just found out about Project Look Through and remembered this photo taken last fall at our ladies' retreat.

Earthquake Memories

Robin writes of feeling the Illinois earthquake this morning while still in bed. I began to leave her a comment and found myself writing, well, almost a book. Then I had one of those brilliant light-bulb moments. "Hey, I have no new post this morning. Since I've already written a story here, why not post it on my own blog?"

I know, you're likely stunned with the news of my brilliance. Don't worry, it probably won't last long.

So then, without further adieu . . . my memories of an earthquake of almost 19 years ago (holy smokes - was it really that long?!?!)


Ahh yes . . . memories of earthquakes while sleeping. In the Spring of 89 (yes, that's 1989 for those with lesser digits in their age than I), we had a 4 point something while living in south San Jose. Hubs & I had a waterbed at the time (remember waterbeds?) and it was kind of cool, cause it just made the bed do a gentle wave roll. No worries - I went back to sleep. Exciting first earthquake.

Flash forward six months - October 17, 1989 - 7.1 Loma Prieta earthquake. HOLY COW! That one definitely rocked our world. Having lived in Colorado most of my life, I was quite unaccustomed to responding to the real deal. Fortunately, while standing in a quaking Taco Bell, my cousin did know the routine. "Get away from the window. Get under the table."

So we laid under the table and giggled and laughed and giggled some more. Cause that's what we always did together. She said it might have been the biggest or second biggest she'd been in. Turns out it was the former.

The sad news? No one would sell us any food. And we were seriously hungry after a hard day at work in Silicon Valley. But without power and having just experienced an enormous earthquake, the fast-food employees unanimously decided that no one should be fed. We tried other places and finally went to our college (who knows? we might still have classes) since foraging was futile.

I mean, AS IF? Couldn't the good folks at Taco Bell (who all ran out of the restaurant, btw, so they could get hit by something falling) just slap some meat and cheese into a tortilla and hand it over? Apparently not.

It was probably an hour or more until we even began to grasp the severity of what we had experienced. At school, we began overhearing conversations of "The Bay Bridge fell in." It really did. "The Golden Gate Bridge collapsed." It didn't. The pool and the fountain at school sloshed - for hours. We opted to sit in the middle of the quad where nothing could fall on us as we experienced aftershocks over and over again. One of those aftershocks sent all the folks sitting in front of the library scrambling for better seating. Something about enormous plate glass windows kind of freaked them out. None broke, but better to be safe than sorry, I always say.

Being pre-cell phone days, there were lines galore for the pay phones. Of course, not everyone had phone service at this point, so that made it challenging. I had no car, given that hubby picked me up after classes. So I just had to hang out and wait, hoping he'd show up eventually. My cousin lived in the opposite direction, so it really made no sense for her to take me home. He finally showed and we did eventually get home. It was a long and slow trip, though. Nothing like driving in the Bay Area during crazy mad traffic with no power, and thus, no traffic lights.

It was a wild thing to experience. Kind of surreal to live something that the rest of the nation was watching on tv.


WW - Organized

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Nature Journaling

There's often talk of Nature Journaling in the homeschooling world, but it's something that we have not looked into.

Until last week.

It was a fairly nice day, so the boys & I headed over to Hobby Lobby and purchased sketch journals and a nice set of pencils. Fortunately, all drawing pencils, pens, charcoals, and pastels were 30% off. We were able to get a very nice set of assorted lead pencils, complete with an eraser, a sharpener, in a handy, zippered case for each of the boys.

Next stop? Chipotle. I mean, really, you can't go off into nature without a good meal.

It was a short drive to Garden of the Gods. I have to say that I just love this place. It's a stunning witness to the creativity of God (I once heard it called "God's Garden" which I find quite fitting). There are amazing red rocks jutting out of the ground in a variety of angles. In the midst of all the red, you'll also find some very chalky, white rocks.

It was a bit breezy that day, but we found a calm place to hunker down in a rock formation for some solitude, pondering, and sketching (I never even turned on my cell phone).

We were in between the slanted rocks on the right side

Once we found a comfy (as comfortable as rocks can be underneath one's derrierre) place to sit, we reviewed some information from a library book on nature journaling. Then the boys each found a spot to hang out and sketch.

The Comedian found some egg sacs

Sketching the landscape

Close-up shot

Clay Guy finds his spot and contemplates the view

He gets busy drawing

Clay Guy found a tunnel. I thought the rocks were calling my name.

Checking out the landscape

Evidence of a self-portrait in my lens

On the drive through the park, we stopped at Balanced Rock

With Clay Guy

A shot from the road

It's that time of year - lots of deer (one's hiding behing the trees)

Ever famous Kissing Camels

Can YOU see the camels kissing? I have a silly story about this, but haven't been able to come up with a good visual on it, so I haven't posted it.

It's absolutely gorgeous today, so we may head out for some more nature fun and scenery.

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