Bubbles, Bubbles

For some reason, my boys don't really want to blow bubbles for me to photograph any more.

caleb profile bw sm

Maybe it's because they're 20 (above) and almost 19 (below).

zach profile bw sm

I suppose that's a good possibility. LOL!

Fortunately, at 9 years old, my niece still enjoys bubble blowing. She's pretty good at it, too.

mrs bubbles-1sm


mrs bubbles-2sm

This has always been one of her favorite things to do with me.

mrs bubbles-3sm

I sure could've used her the other day when I was trying to blow bubbles in the cold so they would freeze. It was a little challenging to blow them, set down the wet, drippy wand, get the camera up (after wiping my hand on my jeans), compose, focus, and get a shot before they popped. But I still got some.

silver bubble

bubble jeep

frozen bubble-1sm

frozen bubble-2sm]

frozen bubble-3sm

Good times all the way around.


Less is More, Revisited

So, I sort of fell off the wagon with my decluttering efforts. Part of the issue is akin to the stars aligning for something spectacular. In my case, the following has to happen:

  1. I have to be motivated to purge
  2. I have to have a chunk of time available
  3. I have to make a decision about what area I will purge
  4. I have to not be hormonal.

That last one probably doesn't count. If I am hormonal, #1 will be but a distant memory, at best.

When the first three align nicely, I'm then able to tackle the clutter in my house. But it can take awhile. Like waiting for Halley's Comet to come back into visibility. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad. Which is a good thing, otherwise, there'd never be anything getting out of this house.

I had thought awhile back that perhaps I should just start at the front door and work my way through the house. And since the top three were in alignment today, that meant tackling the coat closet. After I cleaned up the entry area. I must say, I have a lot of coats.

coat closet before-1

coat closet before-2

Well, I did just say it. I think I cut that down by half. I still probably have more than I truly need, but it's the best I can do right now. And the closet isn't jam-packed any longer. Not only that, there's a floor in there. Who knew? I think I saw it once, about five and a half years ago. Oh yeah, when we looked at the house before we bought it; that's when I saw that floor.

The paraffin bath has been living out in the open since I got it for Christmas. Sometimes I dip my hands every day, so I want it to be easily available. This works. The vacuum has always lived in there, but sometimes it was a little challenging to put it away. Ditto with the boots. But there's still open floor space. Whee!

coat closet after-2

The coats on the right of the empty hangers are what I kept. Not bad.

coat closet after-1

You never know what you might find when you clean out a closet. Like a whiteboard with chemistry stuff still written on it.

coat closet during-1

I actually think it's a good thing that I have coats (and gloves) to get rid of, being that it's winter and all. Mom and my sister get first dibs on the coats, but then I'm going to donate them some place. Or just go give them to homeless people. Or something like that. Winter in Colorado (especially right now with the snow) can be tough. Particularly for someone living in too much of the elements. Or just someone without the means to buy a coat or gloves. Anyway, I want them to go to someone who needs them.

So there you have it - a tidy closet (John still has to sort through his coats, but they're tidy and less abundant than mine were). I think the buffet will be next.

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