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School Supplies - a Review

DaySpring has some awesome school supplies this fall. They pack a punch with their messages about Jesus in a fun way. I had the opportunity to review some items from this new line. I received a binder, spiral notebook, and a folder of each design (perfect for my two teenage boys).

What a great reminder of the power of God. I think that's one that most of us can use. I know I can.
dayspring school2

I love that this design reminds us of the freedoms that we still have here in the U.S. Sometimes we just take things for granted. It also serves as a good reminder to pray for those who don't.
dayspring school1

Great message. Great quality.

If I didn't already have them, I would definitely buy some for my kids. But there's always me, right? I'm pretty sure I might be needing a new binder for this new school year. And there are some other terrific designs. Click the header above to see them.

If you like this set, it's currently on sale for just $13.09 for all six items! Check it out at the DaySpring site. It's a fantastic deal.

Speaking of deals, if you order before the month is over, you'll get 20% off your entire purchase! Use this code: DEALS20

Disclaimer: I received the above products for free to review. The opinions stated here are my own.

50mm Friday - Wilted

50mm cosmos wilted

Finally managed to get another 50mm Friday posted. This weekly meme is hosted at Hallie Westcott Photography, although she doesn't have a post and linky up today. Of course, you can peruse her other photos and just enjoy the view.


Wordless Wednesday - I Heart Cosmos

single cosmos

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Homeschool Report: Day 1

We started back to homeschool today. I'm happy to report that we had a terrific day, even though plans weren't one hundred percent in place. Of course, there's always a number of administrative-type things to discuss - how this year will be similar to last year and how it will be different, what my expectations are, and such things. We also didn't get a very early start, as hubby needed some help with some business items, the boys didn't get up as early as they should've, and whatever other craziness was going on first thing.

I forgot to get a first day picture of the boys, so it will have to be a second day shot this year. I did, however, measure their height since they keep getting so tall. ClayGuy (my oldest) is 5' 10-1/2" and the Comedian is 6'. I've never felt particularly short because I'm a little on the tall side for women, but that sure has changed, hanging out with boys who are taller than me. In addition, most of their friends are taller then me. But I will say that it's handy to have tall boys - they can reach stuff that I used to have to manage myself.

wilkerson pass

So there you have it. A swell first day back to school and tall sons.

Life is good.


I Found It!!

I saw it a few weeks ago. There was no room to turn around and get a picture. Plus we didn't really have time.

I was so disappointed.

Then a week ago, my sister called me to tell me she saw it on her way home from dropping her daughter off at school. The timing wasn't good for me to dash out, try and find it, and shoot it then, either.

I was even more disappointed.

And then this morning, it zoomed around our cul-de-sac. Almost at light speed. Amazing we even saw it. But my camera was upstairs. So was my phone. I dashed upstairs, at something less than light speed, making crazy little sounds of, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" only to come back to the living room and discover that it was long gone.

I was seriously disappointed now.

But I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand, er, the front of a map, or something. So I grabbed my camera and my phone (and my purse), asked the Comedian if he wanted to join me, to which he replied, "Not really. It doesn't sound like fun," and I took off.

I was well-rewarded this time, for I found my prey a mere block and a half away. I quickly pulled to the curb, shut off the motor, and got my camera into position.


google maps car

Dianne - 1

Disappointment - a BIG FAT ZERO!


The first day of our mini vacation found us in Breckenridge. They have an alpine slide and we thought it'd be fun to go take a ride. After all, John and I met at the alpine slide that used to be in Colorado Springs. We did have one small glitch in the plans, though. The Comedian is afraid of heights. The only way to ride down an alpine slide is to take the chair lift up the mountain.

I said I'd stay at the bottom with him while John and ClayGuy headed up the mountain.

I knew that the slide was on Peak 8 and we'd been there before and Breckenridge isn't that big a town. We didn't need no stinkin' directions. We drove a ways up Peak 8, but saw no signs or parking lot for the slide, so we headed back into town. Drove around a little more and finally stopped at Loaf 'n' Jug. Yes, to ask for directions. Unfortunately, the lady working there didn't know much and she drew a line on a map, joining two roads that aren't connected in reality. So we drove around some more. After a time, I looked closer at the map and discovered the cashier's mistake.

breck-peak 8 lift

I finally pulled out the iPhone and did a little more research. Apparently I missed an important tidbit. The one that says you can't park up at the alpine slide. That you have to park in town and take the gondola. Great. The Comedian isn't any more likely to ride a gondola than a chair lift. I offered to stay in town him and we could walk around for awhile.


And then an amazing thing happened. Because it took such a long time to figure out where we were going, it gave the Comedian time to get his nerve up and he said he'd ride the gondola up the mountain.


He did it. He got on, hung on, and closed his eyes. But only for a little while. He opened his eyes, tried not to look down, and relaxed a bit. Mostly.

breck-z j gondola

Once we arrived at our destination, another miracle happened. He said he'd take the chair lift up and ride the slide! I think we talked the slide up enough that he really wanted to try it out. I guess he figured since he'd managed a gondola and survived, he could handle the chair lift. So he rode up with me. He even looked down.

breck-c j lift

Of course, the slide was fun. So he wanted to go again.

And we did. And he rode with John.

breck-z j lift

And there was much rejoicing!

breck-boys slide

Maybe even a Hallelujah Chorus.


25th Anniversary

I spent nearly a week trying to come up with something good to write about our 25th anniversary, but drew a blank. Not that I don't majorly love my husband and think he's the best thing since bottled milk, cause I do. I think it was partly because I was busy with plans for our mini vacation. But that's a story for another post.

hanging lake-us
Me & John at Hanging Lake

We went out for a lovely dinner at the Mona Lisa where we had a delicious four-course fondue dinner in a cozy, romantic nook. It started with garden salads with a delicious apricot vinaigrette and old world Swiss fondue with veggies, fruit, and bread for our appetizer. This was followed with a traditional main entree, consisting of two types of steak, chicken, tiger shrimp, salmon, and brats, which were served with six different sauces. The pièce de résistance was an assortment of cakes, cookies, and fruit to dip in dark chocolate fondue with amaretto.

Since I covered it pretty well last year, I'm doing a repeat. Because all these things are still true about my amazing hubby.

  • He lets me sleep in on Sunday mornings, goes downstairs, and cleans the kitchen. Even though he needs the sleep more than I do.
  • He doesn't care what I do with my hair - long, short, straight, curly, colored, whatever
  • He buys milk early in the morning so the kids & I don't have to go without cereal (them) and iced chai latte (me)
  • He holds my hand when we're walking together
  • He always hugs & kisses me and tells me he loves me before leaving the house or going to sleep
  • He cleans the cat box
  • He pulls over and stops while driving so I can take pictures of things
  • He sometimes lets me have the remote
  • He thinks I'm beautiful even without makeup
  • He holds doors open for me
  • He has integrity
  • He taught me how to four-wheel
  • He is patient
  • He sends me sweet smoochie texts
  • He hugs & kisses me, just because
  • He loves our boys
  • He loves Jesus
  • He is honest and loyal
  • He writes me love notes on the shower walls
  • He lets me whine and vent when I'm overwhelmed. And he just listens.
  • He pushes the cart at the store
  • He supports me in homeschooling our boys
  • He gives me time off
  • He loves his in-laws
  • He is helpful to many
  • He works hard
  • He changes the oil in my van
  • He is humble
  • He disposes of the bad food in the frig
  • He gets rid of bugs and spiders
  • He loves his mom and siblings
  • He doesn't care if there's nothing planned for dinner and we eat pancakes. Or order pizza
  • He fixes almost everything
  • He has never been anything but kind to me
  • He lets me be me
  • He never complains about anything I don't do. Or do.
  • He loves me, no matter what

I sure do love you, John!!

anniv collage4


Wordless Wednesday - Taking Off

taking off

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Blogging Overload

As is my custom, being an all-or-nothing kind of gal, I will likely be inundating my blog with posts. This, after a few weeks of barely getting Wordless Wednesday posted. Maybe I should rename my blog - Feast or Famine Blogger. Nah, you all know I get lost on life's Bunny Trails, right?

A little preview of what's on tap:

And because I can't post without a picture, here's one from our weekend away:

Glenwood Canyon
glenwood canyon reflection


Wordless Wednesday - Escape


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Wordless Wednesday - Deconstruction


For more wordlessness, check out Live From Waterloo and the Wordless Wednesday hub.

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