Jet Pens - a Belated Review

If you've been around for any length of time, you may recall that I have a slight obsession about pens. Okay, maybe more than slight. Yeah, lots more. I like fine point pens. I like a variety of colors of pens. I like certain types of pens on certain types of paper. I have similar feelings regarding pencils.

Come on, everyone has their quirks, right? Besides, I come by it honestly. I got it from my mom.

Well, one of my biggest issues with pens these days is that the manufacturers of pens sold in the US have changed the sizes, but not the names. Rather than regale you with further ranting, I direct you to this post. Please go read it. I'll wait.

jet pens_3

You may have noticed that I mentioned a company called JetPens. Let me just say that I think the heavens split open and angels began to sing when I discovered them. I don't even recall how I found out about them*, but it was a glorious moment, for sure.

I left a couple comments over at their Facebook page and lo and behold they contacted me. They wanted to know if I would review some products for them. I nearly spilled my chai as I hurried to get my response typed to them.


And again I say YES.

Because I love their pens.

I think I mentioned that already. But I didn't want you to miss that point.

So dear sweet Lily at JetPens sent me a happy little package of pens which contained these three beauties.

jet pens_1

The top pen is a lovely Ohto F Spirit Fountain Pen (fine nib) fountain pen - the tidy kind where you use an ink cartridge instead of a bottle of ink. They even have blue-black ink. It's such a cool color.

jet pens_4

jet pens_11

The second one is my favorite. The little Pieni is sweet, handy, and tiny. At about 4-5" long, it fits easily into a small purse pocket along with my Moleskine Volant X-Small Ruled Notebook

jet pens_2

The third pen is a Tasche Needle Point Ballpoint Pen. This one is rather amazing because . . .

jet pens_5

. . . it's actually a 0.7mm tip pen. Shhh! Don't tell anyone that I like it! It writes like a 0.5mm. It's another nifty little 4-5" pen. You take the cap off, put it on the back and you have a full-sized pen.

jet pens_8

Not only do they have some of the best pens around and the best colors, but you also get free shipping if your order is over $25. And they ship quite quickly. My most recent order included these goodies:

jet pens_6

The Jetstream Color Ink Ballpoint pen. This one writes so nice and smooth. Loving it.

But then, there's my most favorite of all. The one that write beautifully on Moleskine pages. The very fine, precise, beautifully colored UniBall Signo RT Lavender-Black gel pen in 0.38mm. Sigh. I buy these in multiples. It's a sad day if I run out. Maybe that's why JetPens is currently out of them. Well, that, and my mom buys them in multiples, too. It's probably her fault. Tee hee. Just kidding, Mom.

jet pens_7

Thank you, JetPens for fulfilling my every pen dream.

Go shop the JetPens store. They even sell things besides pens. You never know what you might find over there.

Check out their blog. Sometimes they give away stuff.

Follow 'em on FB here.

* I do recall how I discovered them. I was looking at Moleskine hacks and someone mentioned having the right pen for writing in a Moleskine. That person shared a link with JetPens, as well as the name and info of said pen.


Tara O said...

You deserve a smooch. I'll give it to my hubby instead because well...it's just plain bizarre to smooch someone you don't know. LOL

THANK YOU. They have my white pen. And like you, I love a fine tip pen. No gel please. ROTF

Anonymous said...

The Signo RT Lavender Black is one of my all time faves!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! It was a happy day when you discovered JetPens!

Mom :-)

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