Catching Up

Wow. Life has sure been busier than normal. Ever since August, I've been on the go and generally quite occupied with this and that.

  • Trip to Breckenridge & Glenwood Springs
  • 25th Anniversary
  • New year of homeschool
  • Ladies retreat in Buena Vista
  • 1st trip to Denver - Women of Faith with Pam
  • 2nd trip to Denver - taking Pam to the airport and picking up nightstands from a friend
  • 3rd trip to Denver - David Crowder Band concert with the girls
  • 4th trip to Denver - Casa Bonita, Lego Store, and other such fun with my sister, nieces, and the boys
  • Messed my knee up in self-defense class
  • 5th trip to Denver - photowalk with D, hurt my foot
  • Shot a wedding yesterday and my knee went out

In addition to the regular stuff of life. I don't think I've been out of town more than a handful times in the past year. Apparently I saved it all up for these two and a half months.

From what I've read about having a torn meniscus, I'm thinking there's a very good chance that is what is wrong with my knee. I had problems with it last year, but after some chiropractic care, kinesio tape, and massage therapy, it got better and life went back to normal. A couple weeks ago in self-defense class, it made a loud popping sound during a front kick. It wasn't terribly painful, but I was aware that my knee wasn't really okay, so I made an appointment with the orthopedist. Of course, I can't get in until closer to Thanksgiving.

But then last night at the wedding, as we went outside to shoot the First Look, it just went out. And this time it did hurt. A lot. I was totally blessed with a last-minute wedding photographer joining me and she was such a huge help. Both because I often couldn't move fast or well and she graciously shared her knowledge and expertise. Thanks, Briana, you rock, my friend!! I can't wait to see your pictures, too.






I'll be calling the orthopedist tomorrow to see if I can get in any sooner. A cancellation, perhaps? I sure hope so. It's quite uncomfortable to walk and maneuver stairs.

In the meantime, there's homeschooling, photo editing, and house cleaning to do. No more Denver trips planned for now. Time to settle in and start thinking about the holidays soon.


Colorado Weather

The weather is rarely boring in Colorado. It goes from one extreme to the next in short order.

Earlier this week - 70s, sunshine, gorgeous.

pond reflection-dvr pw

falling leaves

golden leaves

Today - 30s, snowy, still gorgeous.

snow fall colors

sorels snow

target snowmen


Wordless Wednesday - Duck Pond

duck pond

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Wordless Wednesday - Colored Meters

colored meters

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18 Years Ago - Nothing to Do

Two days after Caleb's due date and it was my first day off by myself. John went back to work, being that it was Monday and all.

  • I couldn't finish painting the border on the baby's walls (numb fingers)
  • I couldn't do any crafts (numb fingers)
  • I couldn't clean very well (sciatica)
  • I learned that daytime television is extremely BORING
  • I couldn't focus on anything else (extreme ADD)

So I called my office and told them I was coming back on Tuesday.

That, my friends, is seriously bored.

I had a doctor's appointment and he scheduled me to be induced on Wednesday morning. The baby was over eight pounds and I'd had borderline gestational diabetes the last couple of months of my pregnancy, so he really didn't want the baby to get too big..

So I went back to work on Tuesday, having nothing to really do there, either, but at least there were people with whom to interact and hang out. I had already trained my temporary replacement so I didn't exactly have a job to do. But there was a quarterly meeting with a group of physicians that night so I worked on getting that ready. I also attended the meeting that evening. Even if I went into labor, I would be in a room of primary care physicians. I was sure they could handle a delivery. Their services went unneeded, though.

So I went home later that night and John and I sat in the family room, watching tv, discussing the fact that this would be the last time we did so by ourselves for a very long time.


18 Years Ago - Bored, No Baby, and a Movie

Eighteen years ago today, I was not having a baby. Which was kind of a big deal because it was my first son's due date. Although I didn't know I was having a son at that point.

It was a Saturday and John and I were quite bored. Because you don't really make plans on your baby's due date since you might actually have the baby. Or not.

So we went to see a movie. Cool Runnings. Which is fairly remarkable, because by the end of my pregnancy, I had the attention span of a two year old. Exponential ADD. But somehow I managed to follow along with the entire movie. It's a great movie, btw. If you've never seen it, you should.

Not having our baby wasn't too much of a surprise since there had been no contractions or anything else that indicated he was on his way. But it made for an odd day of limbo.

I was also done working, as Friday was my last day before going on maternity leave. Even more living in limbo. I couldn't do a lot of the things that I liked doing because I was very pregnant, had terrible sciatica in my right leg, numb fingers from swelling in my wrists, and that whole issue of no ability to focus.

And I couldn't limbo well with an 8+ pound baby in my tummy, even though that's where I was living. He stayed there another four days, too.


Wordless Wednesday - Seed Pod

seed pod

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Great Weekend - Part 2

Saturday came much too early, after only a few hours of sleep, but we were up and at it. Grabbed some food at the buffet downstairs and then zipped through the Starbucks drive-thru. Saturday's itinerary at Women of Faith had Lisa Whelchel, Amy Grant, and Marilyn, Mehberg, in addition to some of the ladies from Friday.

wof - marilyn amy lisa

wof - all

Pam & I were also scheduled to attend the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in downtown Denver that evening. We were SO excited to participate, but we were SO tired. In fact, we had become pretty loopy by late afternoon. Pam wasn't so sure she could remember how to use her camera. Neither of us felt that we had the energy to walk around downtown Denver for three hours. Plus we'd still need to have dinner after that and head back to Colorado Springs, getting home somewhat late. Now you KNOW we were tired if we willingly bailed on a photowalk. But we did. There was a wait list, so we knew there would be more than enough people to fill the walk.

So we got some dinner at Rubio's, felt a little recharged, and went home. We saved the photowalk for the Sunday.

Oh, we did wake up a bit, so we sat up ridiculously late looking at our photos and talking about the weekend. Problem was everyone in the house had gone to bed and we were laughing uncontrollably. I was concerned we might keep people awake. Or wake them up. So we moved our photo-viewing giggle fest to the garage. And faced away from the house.

Giggle-induced blur

We completely and utterly wore ourselves out again with all the hilarity. Good times.

Oh, and we didn't wake anyone in the house. Not sure I can say the same for the neighbors, but no one said anything, so I think we're in the clear.


Great Weekend - part 1

It's been a little crazy around here. But in a good way.

Happy to taste Mizithra cheese at The Spaghetti Factory.On Thursday, my friend, Pam, came to visit for a few days. I picked her up at the airport (in another city) and we went and checked in at the hotel. We then drove downtown to enjoy an amazing dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. I love The Spaghetti Factory. I really love their spaghetti with Mizithra cheese and brown butter. Absolutely heavenly!

Back to the hotel for some chatting, laughing, and sleeping. Light on the sleeping.

wof - over the top

Friday morning and we're out the door to attend Women of Faith - Over the Top at the Pepsi Center. There were a LOT OF WOMEN there. I know, it's probably what we should expect, right? Ten thousand of them.

wof - crowd

The day got off to a roaringly hilarious start with Patsy Clairmont and Andy Andrews. Not that the other speakers weren't terrific, but I could've listened to Patsy & Andy all weekend. I could listen to them all month. Maybe the rest of the year. The emcee was right about Patsy - she's so cute you just want to put her in your pocket and take her home. Loved her!!

wof - patsy

I really knew nothing about Andy, but he was something else! In a good way. You know how people will say they want to bottle up all the energy a toddler or young child has, because they just don't have it anymore? Well, Andy does. In a big way. They guy was ALL OVER the place. And talking very fast. And heading off on bunny trails galore. He practically ran back and forth across the stage, up and down the stairs, out into the audience, and back. But all with a great message. Good stuff.

wof - andy

We also got to see and listen to Brenda Warner, Mandisa, and Sandi Patty on Friday. Loved them all!

wof - brenda mandisa sandi

Mandisa is so cute - she wears a Snuggie offstage. Tee hee!

wof - mandisa snuggie

In order to not have too huge a post, I'll share the rest of the weekend in Part 2.



Well, I entirely missed my drawing date for The Busy Mom's Bible giveaway. Sorry about that. Anyway, thank you random.org for randomly selecting the number 6. Six is the number for Dawn Camp.

Congratulations, Dawn!! You'll have an email from me shortly regarding details.


And now for the second giveaway with five sets of two books - When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh and Friendships for Grown-Ups by Lisa Whelchel.

Once again, courtesy of random.org, the following numbers were randomly selected:

6 - nAn

10 - Suzanne

9 - Pam

8 - dB family (Deborah)

3 - Beth

Congratulations to you all!! You'll be receiving an email from me shortly regarding details.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Wordless Wednesday - Nice Landing

straw flower bee

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Will I Obey?

I drive up the heavily-trafficked hill. As I move into the left lane, I discover that everyone is doing the opposite – there’s a car stalled just ahead. I move back and pass the woman sitting her stationery car. She looks a little lost and very alone. A small voice says that I should go help her. Stopped at this red light, I could turn off into the school parking lot. But I’d never get across the street to her aid, I think. Besides, what could I do? Push her car up the hill? The signal turns green and I drive away with a heavy rock in my belly. I disobeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The one that I so long to hear. The one that just yesterday, I asked to be quiet enough to hear.

I drive on to the next intersection, turn around, and come back. I pull into the same school parking lot I just passed; I park and head over toward the street. As I do, a young man meets me. Apparently her car began to run as he came up to help her. There was also another woman coming to her assistance, now crossing back to her own vehicle. “All those people and no one to help,” the young man says. Sadly, that is too often the truth. We’re all too busy with our own agendas to stop and help.

I drive away, wondering why God called me back there. I did nothing of value. But then He quietly places the answer upon my heart; the outcome is not the issue – obedience to His still, small voice is.

Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice…1 Samuel 15:22

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