Wordless Wednesday - Spring's Coming

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The Paper Monster

A couple of weeks ago, I reached the point where the paper clutter had taken the form of a large, flashing neon sign, the likes of which you'd see in Las Vegas, screaming things at me, like, "WHAT A MESS! DEAL WITH US! YOU'RE SO DISORGANIZED!" While I really hate to take a solid break from homeschool mid-year, I had to do it. I couldn't focus on anything except the disaster of paperwork floating around our house. The last straw for me was the day my husband needed the current insurance card for his truck. Usually, this should've taken about one minute to walk down to the family room, open the drawer, go to the appropriate file, and pull out the extra card. Instead, we spent probably a couple of hours hunting through various piles of papers, only to find every piece of information from our insurance company, EXCEPT the one with the current card. Since he had a job to do on a military base, he couldn't go to work without it.

So he called our insurance agent, and of course, they're quite happy to provide him with a duplicate. The problem is that he had to head out from our house in the opposite direction of said military base. Then he could get his card, turn around, and head off to the actual job. What a waste of time. Especially since he's paid for his time. Or not. On top of that which we already spent looking through all that paperwork. UGH!

A big part of the problem is that our large 4-drawer, legal file cabinet was full. Oh, it had been cleaned out and organized a few years back. But somehow, things just crept in there that really had no other home, and before I knew it, there was no place to put the new papers that arrived in our house. Everyone keeps their heating pad, extension cord, and old packages of gum in the file cabinet, right?

So I prayed about it, not wanting to jump off into some project that would preempt homeschool for a few days if it wasn't the direction God wanted me to go. About a week later, I discovered that this was a very good decision.

I got myself all ready to go with the recycle bin, the shredder, and a trash can nearby. Fortunately, the file cabinet is next to the stairs, so they provided me with a place to sort some piles (in addition to the top of the cabinet). I think I emptied the recycle can twice into our big tote. I also shredded two very large stacks of stuff. What a joy to be free from all that excess!

Then I went back through the files that we wanted to keep and organized and labeled them. Now as I went through the piles of paper in the house, I'd have a place to put those items that were important. So that's exactly what I did. Sat down at my desk with the recycle, shredder, and trash and worked me way through pile after pile.

I'm happy to report that the task is nearly complete. I have a couple more stacks, which have already been sorted, and merely need to be filed. Oh, and the reason I discovered that it was a very good thing to have done this when I did? We started working on our income tax return last week and when I needed information from the files, I was able to walk downstairs, open the drawer, and pull out precisely what I needed.

Sort of like what should've happened when my sweet husband needed his insurance card. And how it will work in the future.

Now, back to homeschool. And tax returns.


Busy Mom's Bible - A Review

67-busy mom bibleAs a busy mom, it can be a challenge to find quiet time in God’s word. Sometimes, five or ten minutes are all you can grab during your day. Zondervan’s Busy Mom’s Bible has just what you need. Spread throughout this easy-to-read NIV Bible are special inserts covering a range of topics for moms; parenting, marriage, emotions, spiritual life, and others. Each topic includes four devotions with the following: 1-minute Thought Starter, 5-minute Reflect & Pray, and 10-minute Study. This gives you the freedom to choose something that fits your busy schedule.

There’s also a section for further study (perhaps the kids are napping), an extensive concordance (to help you find that verse quickly), a couple of different reading plans (to learn more about Jesus and women of the Bible), and full-color maps (to better understand how far it was from Bethany to Jerusalem). The text itself is free from distracting notes, pictures, and other diversions, allowing you to better focus upon God’s word. It’s a nice, comfortable size to handle while reading. And in two-tone pink, it’s easy to spot if you happen to lay it down someplace besides its normal location. Although I’m sure that doesn’t happen to anyone other than me.

I was provided a copy of this book from Zondervan as compensation for my review. The views and opinions are my own.


Wordless Wednesday - Sunshine Artist

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Wordless Wednesday - Smile!


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Making Life Easier, Prettier, and Better

Sprittibee posted about things that make her life Easier, Prettier, and Better and she invited others to join in the fun. Ironically, I was already planning a post about one of the little things in life that make me ever so happy.

Fine point pens.


I mean TRUE fine point pens, not what is currently touted as such in office supply stores. (Note to Bic, Pilot, Pentel, Shaffer, and whoever else participates in this charade - 0.7mm and 0.8mm or, gasp, 1.0mm tip pens are NOT fine. Stop calling them fine. Cause it's a lie.)


Until recent years, the standard has been 0.5mm was fine, 0.7mm was medium, 1.0mm was bold, and if you could find them, 0.38mm was extra or ultra fine. Along the way, thicker pen tips have been added. 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, whatever. And that's just fine. Call them bold. Call them extra bold. Even ultra bold. But don't lie to us and claim that 0.7mm or 1.0mm is fine.

You may be wondering why I care what they call the tips of pens. Or you may be clicking away, thinking I'm off the deep end here. Regardless, it's not what they call the pen that matters. It's that when 0.7mm or larger becomes fine, they stop carrying anything smaller. That means it's difficult to find 0.5mm and almost impossible to find 0.38mm.


However, I'm ever so happy to say that I discovered Jet Pens and they are awesome!! They carry a wonderful assortment of pens, including the coveted 0.38mm pens, and lots of 'em.

Side note: when you can find 0.38mm pens, even 0.5mm, they're usually only in black ink. Maybe blue. Definitely no fun and groovy colors. Because apparently pen manufacturers have been duped into believing that only boring people like fine points. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I was saying, Jet Pens is super cool because they carry fine tip pens AND they carry them in excellently fantastic colors! Like Lavender Black, Light Blue, and Blue Black, to name a few. AND you can order just one of a pen, meaning you're not tied into an assortment package that may have pens you don't really want so much. You get to pick and choose. AND you get free shipping if your order is over $25. If you're a penholic like me (and other family & friends), it's pretty easy to get that order together. AND they're fast. I placed the order on Friday night and had my pens the following Thursday afternoon.

Oh yes, the theme of all this - making life Easier, Prettier, and Better.


Easier - because I write with great ease when using a 0.38mm pen

Prettier - because I can write much prettier when using a 0.38mm pen

Better - because I am much happier when I'm using a 0.38mm pen

Obsessed? Perhaps. But definitely, easier, prettier, and better.


Yes, there are other things that make my life easier, prettier, and better. Maybe I'll share those another day.


PSA - Back Up Often


mem card

error msg

Fortunately, my very good friends (below) have my back. I had uploaded all my pix just the day before that dreadful message appeared. I only lost a couple of shots that I had just taken, which could be easily replicated. I also have another memory card on hand. Though being down to one doesn't feel very good. I'll be picking up another one very soon.

wd hard drives


Wordless Wednesday - Lazy Bones

lazy bones

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Sweet Friends

We were WAY blessed today when friends of ours came over and installed lovely new blinds on our living room window. What a wonderful surprise!


Wordless Wednesday - Dried

dried flowers

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Blog Branding

{It's interesting to see what turns up in one's draft posts. So, from the unposted archives...}

No, it doesn't involve a hot iron with overlapping letters and singed fur/skin. It's a little thing that they say is good for one who likes to blog. Who are they, you might ask? In this case, it's Karen from {Simply A Musing Blog}, guest posting at Blogging Basics 101 (a helpful place, btw).

Now that I have a groovy new template {well, it was new awhile back} and am ready to make a name for myself stand out from the crowd of Blogger's basic looks, I thought this could provide some helpful information.

They, um, Karen definitely puts a positive spin on branding. Her first item is about your name. Yep, mine fits. I'm all over the place on bunny trails, day in and day out. Even my url matches. Definitely got this one covered.

Next is design. I suppose that creating modifying my own design here is a start. She does say that it's the easiest and most common thing to do. Whew! I'm nothing, if not common.

Then comes the "writing well and with a purpose" section. Writing . . . well . . . I do write. Not always well. I often sometimes start with a purpose, but get off track. You know, trotting down some bunny trail or something. Must remember to pick up milk. But I digress.

Lastly, she says to be social. That's pretty much a no-brainer for me. When you talk as much as I do, you have to be social. Either that, or look like a nut case walking around talking to myself. People like me are the reason Twitter exists. It wasn't enough to update our blogs one a somewhat regular basis. Now we can update our peeps all the time. Craziness, really.

So, if you're thinking you'd like to do some fine-tuning to your blog, check out Karen's article. She even links to another article. So you can click from me to Karen to somebody else. Somebody I don't even know. That's the beauty of blogging and the internet and grilled cheese.


Simple Woman's Daybook - 3/1/10


Outside my window...it's cloudy, breezy, and chilly.

I am thinking...that I need to do a better job of getting ready for Mondays.

I am thankful for...God's provision.

From the learning rooms...tired boys who need to get going on Science.

From the kitchen...nothing, yet.

I am wearing...jeans, a t-shirt, red hoodie, and slippers.

I am creating...space in my studio so I can scrapbook or read.

I am going...downstairs to work with the boys.

I am reading...Embrace Me by Lisa Sampson and Writing for the Soul by Jerry Jenkins

I am hoping...to get to bed on time tonight.

I am hearing...the wind outside and silence in the house except for the tapping of my keyboard.

Around the house...is a mess. Things fall by the wayside when the household is sick.

One of my favorite things...iced chai latte each morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week...helping with the newsletter, getting school plans in order, updating the calendars for March, and creating meal plans for the month.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...my boys while on a walk one morning last fall.

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