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The Red Wall

Ever since we moved into this house a year ago, I've pondered about adding some major color to our living room. Like one or two green walls. Maybe. For whatever reason, I just couldn't nail down a specific color, no matter how much I wanted to get this project done.

But this weekend, I learned why I couldn't make this happen. Because I'm a BUNNY TRAIL kind of gal. I'm not very adept at getting from point A to point B in a direct line. Thanks to this colander brain in my head, I'm easily . . . SQUIRREL!

Anyway, awhile back, we decided to move our plain old brown bookshelf from the living room up to the end of the hallway (just outside my studio) to accommodate homeschool books and such. Then we would stain the unfinished bookshelf with lower cupboards and put it in the living room instead. We bought the stain some time ago and finally got around to that project on Sunday.

We emptied the brown bookshelf and hauled it upstairs. Oh, I guess it actually started back another day. On Saturday, I began cleaning up the studio and getting rid of things. I realized that I desperately need a bookshelf for all the homeschool books, so we needed to get that brown shelf moved and soon.

So, back to staining and moving the shelf. Once that space was vacant along the big wall (aka the "blank slate"), I felt the need to paint it.

school room

While green was the original color of choice, I became concerned that we wouldn't find one that worked with the green curtains, the freshly stained green bookshelf, and the green in the furniture. Never fear, we have all these groovy colors in our rug, so let's go with burgundy. Or more specifically, Deep Garnet by Glidden.

living room rug

The color chip is a dark burgundy with NO hint of pink. But when we opened the can, it was looking rather magenta-ish. This freaked me out just a bit.

painted tray - LR

Looks much too pink to me!
painted swipe - LR

We painted a square on the wall and it was definitely more pink-magenta than it was supposed to be. This color definitely doesn't cover very well. Two coats will not cut it. So I painted two or three more coats on that square and it began to appear that with drying and probably four coats, we really would have Deep Garnet.

painted edges - LR

After the first coat. Did I say this paint doesn't cover very well?
painted coat 1-LR

Half way through the second coat.
painted coat 2 - LR

My helper, the Comedian.
painted helper - LR

The wall does have a third coat, but no photos yet. I was planning on a fourth coat before bed tonight, but my SI joint said, "No stinkin' way!" So I complied. But I will get some third and fourth coat pix up. Hopefully it doesn't require even more paint. Because that gallon will be empty by then.


Wordless Wednesday - Intense

miss kitty

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Joy of Giving

I've been a part of the FreeCycle e-loop for quite some time, but I really haven't participated much. Usually it's because I don't have what people need or don't want what they're getting rid of.

But on Saturday, someone posted a request for a refrigerator. We've had a second frig in our garage for a few years now, which is handy, but not necessary. My honey was out of town for the day, so I asked him on Sunday if he was okay with us giving away our refrigerator. Of course, he said that was fine.

A quick email and yes, they still needed a refrigerator. So we spent Sunday afternoon combining our frozen and refrigerated foods into one and cleaning up both refrigerators. They came over that afternoon and picked it up, happy to have a frig in their new home.

And the coolest thing of all? While I was sorting food, cleaning the frig, and reloading it in a more orderly fashion, I was filled with joy and thanking God for the privilege of giving away our refrigerator.

...and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35


Wordless Wednesday - O'Henry


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Here it is. The big tomato harvest.


Aren't you impressed? It's the first and only tomato from my garden. In all fairness, however, there are quite a few more green tomatoes out there. Hopefully they ripen before the weather gets too cold, though. We were down in the 40s the other night and more of that is on its way.


Amazing Maize Maze

At last - the year we would finally make it to the corn maze at the Denver Botanic Gardens. This year's creation? A T-Rex carved into eight acres of corn. Totally awesome!

The aerial view. Walk on the black lines. The green is the corn.

corn maze - trex

corn maze - entrance

My sister, her husband, and their two daughters joined us. It was a long trip to get there. Not because of the distance we live from the gardens, but we had some delays. I believe it took us around three and a half hours to make a one hour trip. But the kids were all troopers. Well, courtesy of a little electronic entertainment - my five year old niece had the mini DVD player and the other three had DS Lites.

No, this is not a DS in his hands. It's the ticket. With a picture of the aerial view of the maze. It could also be construed to be a map, small as it is.

corn maze - the map

It was nice and light with a few clouds overhead when we arrived. There weren't many people and the weather was absolutely perfect. However, it was about 6:30 p.m. And we were nestled in near the foothills, so it didn't take long for daylight to pass on by.

corn maze - light

I'll wait up here until you figure it out.

corn maze - from bridge

Isn't my niece pretty?

corn maze - lovely

I don't often use flash, but people move much too quickly for a 1 - 2 second shutter speed. And it was getting quite dark.

corn maze - dark

Glad Mr Rex didn't eat her with this enormous tooth!

corn maze - tooth

Then it was off to Rubio's for a late dinner of awesomely wonderful Baja goodness. It was a great day all the way around.


Wordless Wednesday - Golf Hazard

golf hazard

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Most, if not all of us, live with some sort of fear in our lives. Our current national and world conditions certainly provide us with plenty of reasons for fear: job loss, disappearing savings and retirement accounts, loss of freedom to our government, terrorism, cancer, and the list goes on. Yet, as believers in Christ, we are never advised nor commanded to succumb to these fears. In fact, God tells us NOT to fear more than any other admonishment in the Bible. He knew how much we’d need to hear those words.

Whether your fears are tiny, enormous, or fall somewhere in between, doesn’t matter. When we live in fear, our eyes are off of God and onto the circumstances. Remember what happened to Peter when he took his eyes off Jesus as he walked across the water? That’s exactly what happens to us – we sink. Yet if we take God’s word seriously, there truly is no reason that we should ever be afraid. There's no fear bigger than the God we serve.

In his latest book, Fearless, author Max Lucado invites you to consider Jesus’ invitation to courage. This isn’t about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and mustering up your own courage; rather he shows you the way to trust in God Almighty, who has all power to overcome any and every fear you encounter. Imagine taking the strong hand of our Lord and walking in faith, freed from the fears which sap so much of your life. Such a life of liberty and joy is available to you.

I don’t think there is a fear that Lucado doesn’t touch upon in his book. I suspect that this will become a well-worn book over the years, one that will retain a very visible position on my bookshelf (when it's not being read).

  • Fear of Not Mattering

  • Fear of Disappointing God

  • Fear of Running Out

  • Fear of Not Protecting My Kids

  • Fear of Overwhelming Challenges

  • Fear of Worst-Case Scenarios

  • Fear of Violence

  • Fear of the Coming Winter

  • Fear of Life’s Final Moments

  • Fear of What’s Next

  • Fear That God is Not Real

  • Fear of Global Calamity

  • Fear of God Getting Out of My Box

I strongly encourage you to read this book. I anticipate that God will do wonderful things in your life through it. Check out the The Fearless Times for an interactive experience. It's a place where you can ask Max a question, find encouragement, see and read photos and stores shared by others, and even order the book.


Wordless Wednesday - Corvette Wishes





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