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Wordless Wednesday - Lonely Delphinium

lonely delphinium

For more wordlessness, check out Live From Waterloo and the Wordless Wednesday hub.

High Maintenance

I really don't want to be a high maintenance kind of person. I'm sure I am in some areas, but in others I've learned to be a little more low-key. And yet others were probably not a big deal in the first place. I believe that I just discovered the area of life in which I am completely and utterly high maintenance, though.


I haven't blogged much about my dental issues, and sadly they seem to be many. I've taken a rather hit-or-miss approach to my dental health. In part due to whether or not we had insurance. And it's been on that proverbial list of things I need to do . . . sometime. Well, sometime has arrived.

I have a very wimpy gag reflex. I can't even get through a mouthful of x-rays without problems. I sometimes gag while brushing my teeth.

Thanks to advances in dentistry, they have a nifty little lozenge that you dissolve in your mouth and it will calm your throat down somewhat in regards to the gagging issue. Unless you're me. And it doesn't work at all. Except that it does make my mouth and throat taste and feel a little funny after I leave his office.

Okay, so maybe we'll bypass the modern advances and go the route of old-fashioned methods. Salt on the tongue. Yep, I stuck my tongue out and the hygienist sprinkled salt on it. Then I press it to the roof of my mouth for a few moments.

That didn't work out either.

Since I could barely manage x-rays, we won't even talk about impressions. Because they didn't take them. I go back next week (cleaning, bite adjustment, and impressions) and in preparation of that appointment, I'm taking an antibiotic, which is fine. But I've also been prescribed a low dose of Xanax. And he's going to use Nitrous. I just have big issues about being tilted way back, my mouth being pulled open, stuff and hands all being in my mouth, and then gagging.

I have mouth claustrophobia.

Nitrous Oxide or N2O Pictures, Images and Photos
swiped from Photobucket

The dental issues? Well, it's not pretty. I'm likely having a wisdom tooth (or two) pulled. Yes, I still have all my wisdom teeth. This does not make most dentists and hygienists very happy. It's probably part of the reason my front teeth are so tightly squished together. Possible root canal and crown (one or two). Maybe more pulling. Maybe a bridge. Maybe braces. Maybe something else. I don't really know yet.

I'll be taking my iPod and some tunes with me for sure. Even 25+ year ago, this dentist was using Walkmans with headphones for people to relax to during dentistry. He's really very cool.

The big question now? What should go on my dental procedure playlist?


Jet Pens - a Belated Review

If you've been around for any length of time, you may recall that I have a slight obsession about pens. Okay, maybe more than slight. Yeah, lots more. I like fine point pens. I like a variety of colors of pens. I like certain types of pens on certain types of paper. I have similar feelings regarding pencils.

Come on, everyone has their quirks, right? Besides, I come by it honestly. I got it from my mom.

Well, one of my biggest issues with pens these days is that the manufacturers of pens sold in the US have changed the sizes, but not the names. Rather than regale you with further ranting, I direct you to this post. Please go read it. I'll wait.

jet pens_3

You may have noticed that I mentioned a company called JetPens. Let me just say that I think the heavens split open and angels began to sing when I discovered them. I don't even recall how I found out about them*, but it was a glorious moment, for sure.

I left a couple comments over at their Facebook page and lo and behold they contacted me. They wanted to know if I would review some products for them. I nearly spilled my chai as I hurried to get my response typed to them.


And again I say YES.

Because I love their pens.

I think I mentioned that already. But I didn't want you to miss that point.

So dear sweet Lily at JetPens sent me a happy little package of pens which contained these three beauties.

jet pens_1

The top pen is a lovely Ohto F Spirit Fountain Pen (fine nib) fountain pen - the tidy kind where you use an ink cartridge instead of a bottle of ink. They even have blue-black ink. It's such a cool color.

jet pens_4

jet pens_11

The second one is my favorite. The little Pieni is sweet, handy, and tiny. At about 4-5" long, it fits easily into a small purse pocket along with my Moleskine Volant X-Small Ruled Notebook

jet pens_2

The third pen is a Tasche Needle Point Ballpoint Pen. This one is rather amazing because . . .

jet pens_5

. . . it's actually a 0.7mm tip pen. Shhh! Don't tell anyone that I like it! It writes like a 0.5mm. It's another nifty little 4-5" pen. You take the cap off, put it on the back and you have a full-sized pen.

jet pens_8

Not only do they have some of the best pens around and the best colors, but you also get free shipping if your order is over $25. And they ship quite quickly. My most recent order included these goodies:

jet pens_6

The Jetstream Color Ink Ballpoint pen. This one writes so nice and smooth. Loving it.

But then, there's my most favorite of all. The one that write beautifully on Moleskine pages. The very fine, precise, beautifully colored UniBall Signo RT Lavender-Black gel pen in 0.38mm. Sigh. I buy these in multiples. It's a sad day if I run out. Maybe that's why JetPens is currently out of them. Well, that, and my mom buys them in multiples, too. It's probably her fault. Tee hee. Just kidding, Mom.

jet pens_7

Thank you, JetPens for fulfilling my every pen dream.

Go shop the JetPens store. They even sell things besides pens. You never know what you might find over there.

Check out their blog. Sometimes they give away stuff.

Follow 'em on FB here.

* I do recall how I discovered them. I was looking at Moleskine hacks and someone mentioned having the right pen for writing in a Moleskine. That person shared a link with JetPens, as well as the name and info of said pen.


50 cubed - week 6

I am happy to report that I am on my 9th day of ZERO SODA. This is huge. I almost caved last night because I really, really, really wanted a Mr Pibb at Chipotle. But then I knew I couldn't break the streak. I just couldn't. So no Mr Pibb. I drank iced tea instead.

Some days I'm not drinking as much as others, but I'm well on my way to drinking more water, dumping the soda habit (and other sugary drinks). This week will continue the increased water journey and next week, I'll venture into some other area of well-being.

I'm thinking it may have to do with fresh produce.

If you want to find out how the soda deal was clinched for me, check out last week's post here


Wordless Wednesday - Oversaturated Bubbles

oversaturated bubbles

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It's Monday

...so I will just write some random stuff. Because I haven't done that in a long while. And I don't have any particular thing to write about tonight, but don't want to neglect my blog.

Vital Records and Such
The Comedian is ready to get his driver's permit, so I went to pull his Very Important Documents (birth certificate and SS card) out, only to discover that they're missing. UGH. So I go online and do a little research to find out what I need to get replacements. It turns out that a birth certificate is pretty simple. Fill out the form, have a picture ID (mine, since he's a minor and I'm requesting it), and hand over seventeen dollars and seventy-five cents. The very nice lady will go to her desk and do her magic and the printer will happily spit out a birth certificate. Easy peasy.

So it's onto the Social Security Administration where the sign isn't very readable that tells you to go the computer to have a number ticket for your turn. But the waiting area was quite comfortable and pleasant, with plenty of seating. They were on #119. We were given #161. Sigh. Going on a Monday was probably not the best option, but I had free time.

The Comedian thought we should try another time and not stick it out. I objected. Being the mom and the holder of the car keys, I won. He wasn't terribly happy about it, but I took the opportunity to explain that there are times in life when you just have to wait in a line or wait for a long time for something. It's not pleasant, but it's just the way life rolls.

Nearly an hour later, we walked out . . . failing completely to have the SS card ordered. It turns out that once 9/11 happened, everything became much more difficult to accomplish when it comes to important government documents. I have a birth certificate. I have the form filled out, completely with my son's SSN, DOB, and hubby's and my pertinent info. I have my ID. But apparently, that's not enough. They can't just look up his SSN on their computers, look at the info I've provided, and accept my request for a replacement card.

Mmmm....Fiber One 90 calorie brownie bars look very good.

Sorry about that. Sad, isn't it? A commercial in a blog post. Ha! Ha! I'm sometimes distracted.

So the nice man at the SSA office went down the list of other documents which would validate my son for the government.

School ID: We homeschool. They won't accept the ID that I provide.

Passport: Nope. He hasn't been out of the country.

Permit/License: Um, no. That's why I'm in need of his social security card.

Military ID: No. We're not military.

Doctor's Records (within the last 2 years): My son's quite healthy and hasn't been to the doctor in the past two years. No records that recent.

Somewhere around this time, my son remembers that he's been to the chiropractor this year. Would records from her office work? Yes, as long as it has his name and birth date on it. Very much unlike the birth certificate that has his name and birth date on it. Whatever. At least the kind man says that will work.

So, it's off to get another document later this week so that we can go back and repeat the process, hopefully with a better outcome.

ClayGuy's Latest Venture
My other son is busily creating a new claymation story. Instead of a quick little 30 second effort with a few clay figures, four rolls of film, a camera on a tripod, and Mom, he and a friend are diligently working on a storyline. He has another friend helping create the set. And yet another friend will help with the video. I'm excited to see how this will turn out.

I've been having some fun with instagram. While I often have a camera on me, it's so handy and easy to whip out the cell phone and shoot something. Since it comes with filters, it's super simple to add one and upload it wherever you want - Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. You can check out my images at instagrid. You'll probably see a more quirky side of me there.

There's a pillow behind my chair.

I think I've run out of stuff. Either that, or it's bedtime.

I believe it's the latter.




I really dislike dill pickles and anything flavored with dill. But I kind of like the light scent of fresh dill because it brings back happy childhood memories of my mom making pickles. Even though I didn't eat or like the pickles.



We have dill growing in our front yard and it's kind of pretty. It also brings back those happy memories. But as of last year, it's good for another thing. It hosts these beautiful caterpillars.


As near as I can tell from my research, these will be black swallowtail butterflies. If they make it that far, which most of them don't. I wish we could see their cocoons and watch them become butterflies. That would be so awesome.


If we didn't have the caterpillars, I'd probably thin the dill out. But I'm happy to leave them there for the caterpillars to feast upon.


I Heart Sourdough

It's been awhile since I made sourdough bread and my starter died an early death. Happily, my mom got some new starter and graciously shared with me, so I'm back in business.

Risen dough
sourdough-risen dough

Loaves formed

Risen loaves
sourdough-risen loaves

Final product

Apparently my family likes it. I baked a loaf yesterday and it's gone. It was one loaf out of the same batch, so it was twice the size of the two loaves above.

I'm using a slightly different recipe than in the past, but the nice thing is that it's much quicker than my old method. At this rate, I may be baking a loaf every day or two, so that could come in handy.


50 cubed - week 5

Sometimes life forces your hand. All my lamenting over not drinking enough water has now been addressed in one fell swoop, thankyouverymuch.

I have some dental issues. The kind that involve pain. A lot of pain. And not sleeping. So I made a last-minute trip to the dentist on Tuesday. After x-raying a few teeth, assessing my issues, assigning me rinses and pastes and such, he mentioned that I should stay away from low pH sodas and other sugary drinks.

I assume he was referring to Cherry Dr Pepper.

Well then.

I guess I'll be drinking water, won't I? In fact, I've had no soda of any kind since Monday. I have, however, had a LOT of water. A pretty glass makes it taste better, too. Along with a fun straw.

Blue skies, tall glass of ice water...aaahhhhhhh

Yes, it was my WW shot, but it fits. So there you go.


Wordless Wednesday - Summertime

Blue skies, tall glass of ice water...aaahhhhhhh

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50 cubed - week 4

I almost wussed bailed on posting this week. I mean it's kind of a downer to just hear how much I can't drink water. I do not know what on earth is wrong with me.

{We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post. Dianne just hit some keys that caused a crazy window to show up at the bottom of the screen with all her blog code. What keys did she hit? Where did that come from? Can she do it again? The answer to these and other questions may never be known. So we return you to your in-progress blog post.}

In the past, I've done a MUCH better job of drinking more water. It's almost as if the more I want to drink water, the less I do. It's insane, really. The big water jug? Yeah, that's working out great. NOT. The Mio? Ditto. I still can get a couple of days in with good water consumption and the rest? Not so much.

And it's been HOT here. Like upper 90s! Usually when it's hot, I'm MUCH better about drinking water.

I think I need to ground myself or something. Because I'm really not obeying well. At. All.

So yes, this is a couple days late. Yes, I tried to skip it. But I felt sorta guilty. What kind of accountability is that to myself if I just happen to not post? None. Zip Nada.

So, true confessions. Other than today, I've still been doing poorly with the water. Oh. And while I'm at it? The flaxseed is still sitting on the server. I stopped consuming it, too.

I am my own worst enemy.

One tiny victory, though. While I did have iced chai latte this morning, I went the entire day without soda - as in drinking WATER - until a late dinner tonight. But even then, I didn't have much. It just wasn't cutting it for me. Which is a good thing.

It's the beginning of a new habit. Right? One small step for . . . oh never mind. You get the picture.


Welcome Back Franklin

Many, many year ago, in a land far away (well, maybe just across town), I worked in corporate America. Our company had a Franklin Certified Trainer. As in Franklin day planners. I was fortunate enough to get to attend said training.

It rocked and I was hooked.

I had a very good relationship with my Franklin planner for a long time. But somewhere along the way, life had fallen into a slightly more laid back mode, and Franklin was a little cumbersome for a handful of To Dos and some homeschooling. So he sat on the shelf. Occasionally, I'd feel the need to have a planner, but something smaller, leaner. I tried a variety of options. Each had its benefits and worked for a time. But Franklin was always there, quietly waiting. He knew his replacements could never compete.

And he was right.

While in Denver last week, I stopped off at the Franklin store. Yes, I know it's Franklin-Covey, but I met Franklin when he was solo. None of those helpful or successful or purposeful habits or anything. Just the meat and potatoes of the Franklin system. The system I love. The system I can pick up at any time and be transformed into Organized & Efficient Woman.

But I digress.

I had to wait until July 1 to get back into my Franklin routine. The refills begin either then or January 1. Well, I certainly can't wait around until next year to get my act together.

And now, here we are - July 1, 2011. The first day back together with my Franklin planner. Sigh. Look out all you pieces of my disorganized and fragmented life. I've got a partner this time and together, we're taking names and kicking butt.


Happy sigh.

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