High Maintenance

I really don't want to be a high maintenance kind of person. I'm sure I am in some areas, but in others I've learned to be a little more low-key. And yet others were probably not a big deal in the first place. I believe that I just discovered the area of life in which I am completely and utterly high maintenance, though.


I haven't blogged much about my dental issues, and sadly they seem to be many. I've taken a rather hit-or-miss approach to my dental health. In part due to whether or not we had insurance. And it's been on that proverbial list of things I need to do . . . sometime. Well, sometime has arrived.

I have a very wimpy gag reflex. I can't even get through a mouthful of x-rays without problems. I sometimes gag while brushing my teeth.

Thanks to advances in dentistry, they have a nifty little lozenge that you dissolve in your mouth and it will calm your throat down somewhat in regards to the gagging issue. Unless you're me. And it doesn't work at all. Except that it does make my mouth and throat taste and feel a little funny after I leave his office.

Okay, so maybe we'll bypass the modern advances and go the route of old-fashioned methods. Salt on the tongue. Yep, I stuck my tongue out and the hygienist sprinkled salt on it. Then I press it to the roof of my mouth for a few moments.

That didn't work out either.

Since I could barely manage x-rays, we won't even talk about impressions. Because they didn't take them. I go back next week (cleaning, bite adjustment, and impressions) and in preparation of that appointment, I'm taking an antibiotic, which is fine. But I've also been prescribed a low dose of Xanax. And he's going to use Nitrous. I just have big issues about being tilted way back, my mouth being pulled open, stuff and hands all being in my mouth, and then gagging.

I have mouth claustrophobia.

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The dental issues? Well, it's not pretty. I'm likely having a wisdom tooth (or two) pulled. Yes, I still have all my wisdom teeth. This does not make most dentists and hygienists very happy. It's probably part of the reason my front teeth are so tightly squished together. Possible root canal and crown (one or two). Maybe more pulling. Maybe a bridge. Maybe braces. Maybe something else. I don't really know yet.

I'll be taking my iPod and some tunes with me for sure. Even 25+ year ago, this dentist was using Walkmans with headphones for people to relax to during dentistry. He's really very cool.

The big question now? What should go on my dental procedure playlist?


Annie H said...

I am also high maintenance in the dental area. Mine was sheer fear of the dentist and all of his cohorts. This stems from a bad history with dental procedures. So thankful I've found a dentist that puts me completely at ease.

As far as music goes, I usually listen to things that remind me that God is in control. Gets my focus off of me.

Lorraine said...

I don't do dentists... I had my wisdom teeth out a few years back tho, and I paid extra for the sedation. It was well worth it. Maybe sedation dentistry would work for you?

Beth said...

oh, MAN Dianne! Bummer. Dentists trips get to me, too, but my parents practically nailed it into my head to never, ever, ever, under pain of *cavity filling!* to ever miss a dentist appointment. I have to say I'm a little bit neurotic about it. BUT, I also understand the feelings you're having. While I so rarely miss a cleaning, I absolutely HATE it.

Good luck and keep us posted :)


Blue Cotton Memory said...

When we lived in other other state (until about 3 weeks ago), I went to a new dentist who was all high tech et al - and they made me miserable. I actually had anxiety. They wanted to replace all my little silvery cavities - so they said I needed 3 crowns. I am so glad I am back with my dentist who knows how to make me comfortable - and do the job with making me feel like "You GOTTA DO IT NOW" routine. It must be a married 24+ years kind of thing - this dental stuff!!! Maybe you need to meet my dentist:)(Not the one in the other state)

Anonymous said...

Oh... You sound a lot like me in this department! I hope your proceedures go smoothly & calmly! Best of luck!!!
Be Well,

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