On a Roll

When I began blogging {almost four years ago}, I wrote maybe a few times a week. Along the way, I got into a pretty good groove and posted more often than not. Then I fell into a rut where I only posted for Wordless Wednesday. Once in a great while, I'd get another post or two up in a week, but I lived in this blogging rut for quite some time.

Around the middle of August this year, I began posting again. And now I look back over this past month and see that I have posted almost every single day. It's just flowing - I really haven't had to struggle to find something to write about. I even had posts written beforehand and scheduled to post - something I always wanted to be able to do, but never managed very well. It has been wonderful to post regularly - even when few people, if any, read it. Like overcoming writer's block or something. As if I can breathe deeper.

Last night and this morning, I had no idea what else to write about. I always feel that my daily life is so...well, DAILY. Who wants to read such drivel?

Cue the film noir music...

I got up late, yet again. Started the day with my usual iced chai latte and toasted English muffin. Opened My Utmost for His Highest and partook of breakfast while hearing from the Lord.

I didn't bother with a shower or changing out of my pajamas. I settled in at the sewing machine to whip out some more...

See what I mean? Terribly boring.

But I can't stop writing now. I just can't. I may fall back into the dreadful rut.

Then I read Melissa's post wherein she says, and I quote:

I always tell my blog friends to write even when they don’t feel like writing. That the daily habit of writing actually keeps the juices flowing better than anything.

So here I am. Writing.

And there you are. Reading.

It's an interesting arrangement, don't you think?

It's a fox. Standing on our fence. I didn't know they could do that.
Shot with hubby's Droid X and emailed to me.

I haven't posted one of my randomly rambling posts in awhile, but this may become one. But back to sewing. I'm making a bunch of goodies to sell at a craft fair. My son is making more clay sock monkeys. They really are the cutest things ever. Since we're moving into holiday craft season, he's also making some lovely snowflake ornaments. I can't really describe them, so you'll have to wait until they're done and I can show you pictures.

And speaking of pictures . . . and photography . . . thus cameras . . . (that's the most coherent linkage I've had in awhile!), I've been using back-button focus for a week or so and I really, really like it! For anyone who is a photographer (paid or not), who has actually stayed with my babblings, have you ever used back button focus? What do you think about it?

And one last thing. Remember that ShootSac I won? It ROCKS!!! I am SO loving it. I am SO grateful to have won it. I took it to the Balloon Classic & Buckskin Joe's last weekend. Speaking of Buckskin Joe's, I need to write a post about that. Sweet, I've got Sunday covered. Even though this is so late, it nearly qualifies as a Sunday post.


Emily said...

I really enjoyed reading your random, rambling post. I've been in and out of the writing rut so many times it's crazy but I seem to have settled into a bit of a groove recently too. One of my favorite professor in college always told us to "just write." I try to every single day even if it doesn't become a post on my blog.

I also LOVE your photography. :)

Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

Hi! I do drop in every so often .. and it's great reading from you again.

Wow .. that fox, amazing and scary! I didn't know they could do that. If we ever have one try that near my place I know my hens are going to be in trouble!!!!!!

Beth said...

Back button focusing....what is that?

That fox is wild--I've never seen one do that either!

Where will you be for a craft fair? Can't wait to see the snowflakes.

I know what you mean about posting regularly. I read what Melissa wrote the other day, too. Good encouragement :) Funny, how things in the blog-world tend to follow each other....I think I read a post from the Pioneer woman, then Melissa on the same topic. Then I decided to post more frequently and you're doing amazing posting every day this month--wow! I'm impressed :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

It's been nice to be able to read your postings regularly. It's always kind of sad when I go look and there's nothing new for the week! We don't talk as often as we used to (not your fault), so sometimes your random ramblings are the only way I find out what's going on with your household! Love to read them. Glad the juices are flowing! Long may they flow!

Melissa Stover said...

oh i want a shootsac. i'm glad you told me you love it. i've been torn about the expense versus how much i'll use it.

and what did you think about my writing tip? does it work?

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