I Could Do That

In my efforts to reign in my activities and simplify and streamline my life, I've realized that I have a troublesome affliction. It's called I Could Do That. People who know how to do a lot of different things and who aren't afraid to try something new are especially prone to bouts of ICDT. I've discovered that ICDT increases when I attend art and craft fairs, blog hop, and read magazines.

I was just over at Ruthanne's blog, loving her adorable camera strap covers. From what I can see online, her covers look very nice. I'm sure she does a great job. But here's where things go awry for me. Instead of admiring her work and maybe setting aside some money to order one of hers, ICDT pops up and says, "Why on earth would you BUY that when you could make it yourself?" And since I've been listening to the voice of ICDT for so many years, it never occurs to me that there's an alternative.

154-camera strap

{This is not a copy of Ruthanne's strap. Just one I happened to have made.}

Instead, I put my life aside and begin to rummage through my fabric collection to see what I have that I could use to make my own groovy camera strap cover. Which usually leads me to find a pattern for something else I wanted to make. Or maybe some fabric that I planned to use for a new purse. So now I'm making a camera strap cover AND a purse. Naturally, I only have one fabric that I like for the strap cover, so I'll need to make a quick trip to the fabric store and find something to go with it.

Once I'm at the store, there are SO many choices. None of which works with my current fabric, but that's okay, I'll just buy two new fabrics. And whatever other supplies I may need, which I probably HAVE at home, but am not quite sure where. Most likely in a tote in the crawl space.

Whew! I'm finally home, with all my fabric goodness (and maybe something else), and it's time for dinner. That's okay, my fabric needs to be prewashed anyway. Toss it in the washing machine and scrounge up something for a healthy & nutritious quick and tasty meal. Like pizza. From Domino's. After dinner, I throw the fabric in the dryer and settle down in front of the laptop. This project will require a little research. Not that I can't just come up with my own pattern, but I know there are many who have gone before me who will have valuable insight to offer.

So I'm searching patterns and etsy for examples, instructions, tips, and ideas. This requires probably 10-12 open tabs. Give or take thirteen.

Okay, I'll stop now. I won't force you to read the drivel before the end. A couple of days later, my tally will look something like this:

Rummaging through my fabric = 2 hours
Trip to the fabric store & extra stuff purchased = $30
Internet research = 6 hours
Cutting & sewing time = 3 hours
Pizza for dinner = $13
Sleep lost = 3 hours
Cleaning up the aftermath in my studio = 1 hour

Total: 15+ hours and $43+ later and I will be the happy new owner of a camera strap cover. The big question, though, is was it really worth it? Some days, I would say, "Yes, absolutely!" Other times, not so much.

Now I do know that some of this happens due to on and off lean financial circumstances. In those times, I probably make do with some fabric I already have. I may have no other choice. The problem arises when I COULD afford to purchase the item, really don't have the extra time, but still spend money and time on something that could've been handled in a much simpler fashion. Namely, just order the cover from Ruthanne, wait for it to arrive in the mail, and rejoice upon opening the package.

This is just one example of ICDT. There are many, many more where that came from. I think what I need to take away from this is to step back for a moment and look at the big picture. Do I have the time to invest? Is this really the best use of my time and money? Would I maybe just want to support a fellow blogger/homeschooler/crafter this time?

The answer will not always be the same, but curbing the impulsivity of ICDT would probably go a long ways in helping my sanity.


Sallie said...

Oh, Dianne, I knew we must be sisters!! I suffer from the same horrible disease.. LOL.. Your straps do look pretty, though!

Pray you have a blessed holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Why would you stop now? Do you really think this is a curable disease? After all, you've had it since high school.

Leigh said...

I have the same affliction. The only problem is, I often get in over my head and put in the time & money before eventually giving up on the project. I'm starting to think that it may just be easier/cheaper to support another crafter sometimes, as you mentioned!
Just found your blog through a comment on Springs Bargains :)

The dB family said...

Yes, I have this disease too! You've given me some food for thought though. Maybe I will go on etsy tonight and buy lunch bags for the girls instead of (still haven't had time) making them.


The dB family said...

How do you do the comment back thingy so that it shows up in my email. You are right about the colour. It's horrible on the lap top, but not on the main computer. I'll fix it asap. Thanks!


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