Yesterday we were bowling with some friends and suddenly my knee gave out on me. I did catch myself, but it definitely hindered the rest of my game. It was incredibly awkward to walk up to the line and throw the ball with no momentum. It pretty much felt like something was out of place in my knee. Once home, I took some ibuprofen, elevated and iced it, with no results.

Random photo - has nothing to do with anything here, except that I love Apache Plume
apache plume

Unfortunately, it still hurts today. So I'm gimping around and trying to decide who to see about this. My primary care doc? My chiropractor? Someone else? Fortunately, I have an expert friend who's very helpful in these situations so I asked her input. She mentioned that one possibility is that I could have a torn meniscus. I searched that a little and it sounds terrible. So I'm praying that it's not the case. I'll be seeing the chiropractor tomorrow, so we'll see what she has to say.

In the meantime, I'm very tired. Having a jacked-up knee has completely worn me out today. It's incredible how much pain can wear a person out. Not that I don't know that, but I tend to forget when I'm not regularly experiencing it. My heart goes out to people who live that way all the time. It's particularly frustrating because, while I've had knee issues on and off with my right knee over the years, I've never had anything bad with my left knee. Until yesterday.

Of course, it's just a reminder that if I weighed less, this could be less of an issue. On that note, I joined Weight Watchers awhile back and got off to a terrific start. Then I become complacent. It's a vicious cycle - motivated, exercising, eating well, and losing weight and then back to sort of caring, but not really, eating & drinking the things that don't help me. I've thought about blogging about it, but then I'm more accountable. Oh yeah, accountability is what I need, isn't it?

The stache and fedora really do it for him, don't you think?
his stache

A few weeks ago, we had a couple of nights that dropped into the 40s and I didn't have anything to cover my garden out back. The watermelon that was growing by leaps and bounds? It stopped. Completely. I'm so sad. I was really looking forward to our own watermelon. We had two that were well on their way to being a yummy, summertime treat, as well as two little new melons trying to play catch-up. Even if that was all we got, that was fine.

watermelon harvest

I continued to water the melons, cover them and the tomato neighbors at night, and hope that they would take off again. Yes, living in denial is ever so ridiculous. Not surpisingly, the melons never did get any bigger. I finally conceded defeat and harvested the little cuties. They were pale but a little sweet. Although there wasn't really much to eat.

On a happy note, the tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapenos, and one cucumber are all doing well. Although I have no idea how to know when tomatillos are ready to be harvested. Any help? I'm still hoping to get some fresh green tomatillo salsa made.

I'm not really ready for fall, or autumn if you prefer, even though it's one of my favorite seasons. It probably has something to do with the fact that we had practically no spring this year - at least not the nice part of it. We still had cold, rainy weather in the middle of May. I know we have shorter summers here in Colorado, but the last two years have been void of spring. That would be the reason I didn't plant my veggies until nearly the end of May. I will be a little more prepared next year.

Goodness, I really am terribly tired. I think I shall go to bed . . . long before midnight or 1:00 a.m. for just a change. Sweet dreams.


Lorraine said...

I've had problems with my knees ever since High School when I played basketball. I'm convinced, after much research, that although I was diagnosed with tendinitis and told to keep exercising it... I really had tears in my ACLs... Seems that ACL/MCL tears look different in girls, and the medical community didn't figure this out until 4 years after I graduated high school. *sigh*

I also have early onset osteoarthritis in my knees, hips, ankles, wrists, and fingers, Bursitis in my right hip, not to mention the partial tear to my Plantar Fascia in my left foot following my recent surgery to remove bone spurs... Yea...

I used to be anti-drug, but these days my motto is "Better living through pharmaceuticals." Mobic is doing wonders for my arthritis pain.

I often say I'm a 33 yr old living in a 63 yr old body. Funny thing though, I never made the connection with pain and my constant fatigue. I just chalk it up to not sleeping well, because, well... perimenopause here I come. Night sweats and cold flashes... someone please stop me, I'm having way too much fun! LOL. Getting old sux.

I hope and pray your meniscus is not torn, maybe just strained?? Elevate it, try heat if the ice isn't helping - heat helps me more then ice. Hope you feel better soon.

Also, how cute are those watermelons?? Aww!

Beth said...

What a bummer about your knee!! I hope you get some answers soon and that it's not a huge problem!

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