I Won a ShootSac!

While attending the CreativeLive class, Jasmine Star - Wedding Photography last week, I was a very, very happy re-tweeter when I won a ShootSac!!

Taking this picture made me realize how dirty my bedroom mirror is. Yikes! That and I may have been a little caffeinated with iced chai latte. Why else would my shot be blurry?


For those who don't know, it's a bag in which you carry up to three lenses, along with other paraphernalia; memory cards, flash, etc. It's not a camera bag, but it helps when your photographing things or people or whatever, because it stays tight to your body and has everything right at your side where you need it. Check out their video to see one in action.

I love their attention to detail.
shootsac detail

shootsac logo

I've known about these for quite awhile and have really wanted one, so I was THRILLED when I actually won! Thank you SO much to CreativeLive, Jasmine Star, and ShootSac! The hot air balloons are calling this weekend and I plan to put my lovely new ShootSac to good use.

p.s. - Thank you to Paul at ShootSac who helped me on the phone when I couldn't find where to enter my coupon code. Thanks to you, I had my ShootSac 5 days later!


Anonymous said...

It is quite beautiful!
BUT...couldn't you do that???? heh heh heh!!!


Danise said...

Congrats on winning the ShootSac.
Yay for you! :)

Robert Orsa Photography said...

Hey there!!!! Long time since we've talked. So I was on vacation a few weeks ago and didn't get to hear much of the creativeLive broadcast with Jasmine Star. So I purchased the download and have been watching what I missed. While listening to them field questions I keep hearing "Bunny Trails has a question..." and I'm thinking, I think I know her!!! So I come check here and sure enough it was you. Congrats on winning the shoot sack. Hope all is well with you and you're getting lots of opportunities to shoot. :)


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