Balloon Classic

We haven't gotten up at o'dark thirty to see the balloons launch in a number of years. Somehow we managed to drag our tired selves out Sunday morning, though. After a quick stop at Starbucks, we were on our way.

Yes, I have many more shots than these, but I had to narrow it down. I don't know how well blogger could handle 650 photos.

This is one of a few balloons that touch down on the lake and then take off again. Pretty cool.

cowboy balloon 2

cowboy balloon 3

cowboy balloon 1

cowboy balloon 4


Beth said...

Beautiful! I've never seen a balloon like that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Worthy of setting off on an adventure at "O'dark thirty."

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's such a great thing to do, once you get past the 0'Dark thirty part.


Unknown said...

What beautiful images Diane : ) I love these pictures. I imagine it was a very fun morning! Especially because of the Starbucks! I need that when I get up at Dark o'thirty as well!

Indrani said...

Great captures, how they fly away!

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