More Balloons

Since I took over 650 pictures at the Balloon Classic, I figure I'll share a few more.

more balloons-6

more balloons-4

more balloons-5

My handsome honey, not a balloon.
more balloons-john

more balloons-7

more balloons-1

more balloons-2

more balloons-3

You can also see a few more here.


i cant decide said...

Fun! My kids love seeing the special shapes.

We have the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta coming up. We went to the glow last year and that was really neat. They have a bunch a balloons out on the field at night and they try to light them up at the same time.

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

Loving your pictures! We went to our first balloon festival earlier in the year and saw the Energizer Bunny balloon- said to be the largest hot air balloon in the world. Wow! Was that cool! Did you see it at your festival? We'll definitely visit more balloon festivals in the years to come.

kayerj said...

these are wonderful

Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

Wow!! Your photos are just fabulous!

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