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I had the opportunity to review The Schoolhouse Planner and it goes above and beyond my expectations of a homeschool planner. Actually, it's more of a comprehensive, organize everything type of planner. You can read my review, plus enter the giveaway for a FREE COPY at the Homeschool Blog Awards. But don't wait too long. The giveaway is only open through tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12th.

You can also find my article, Snippets of Time, in the latest issue of the Heart of the Matter here. It's a quick read that will help you tackle some of those never-get-to-it tasks. As ever, there are some other great homeschool articles in this issue.

As for homeschool here in bunnyville, this is my planning week. I had my ideas of what curriculum we'd be using, but the money never came together for some of it. Plus I realized that I'd pretty much been mapping it out on my own . . . without prayer. Big mistake. God already knows what He has planned for our homeschool this year, and I need to get on board with His direction.

I participated in Heart of the Matter's online conference, pulled out a variety of information that I already have to peruse, and have been praying about this year. We'll be starting next week, in conjunction with most of the area schools. Not that we're required to follow their schedule, but the boys have friends who attend various schools, so it's nice for them to be available when their friends are.

I'm looking forward to this year and getting back to some structure in our home. Plus I kind of miss not really learning things. Isn't that funny? I'm ready to go back to school! Ha! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne!

Honestly, I think your article just made me feel better. I tend to look at the whole pile and then run the other direction, but just maybe if I looked at only one task at a time, it wouldn't feel so overwhelming.

And thanks for reminding me that school is about to start and I have NO IDEA what we are using. Excuse me now, I must go throw up!

PS - That bubble is wild! I have a lot of catching up to do!

Karen @dixielandcrafts said...

Oh I can't believe I won! I'm super excited. I emailed you my address. I hope it went through. If not comment me again and let me know.

Thanks, Karen

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