Plastic Anyone?

Maybe a few napkins?

Not so many cups

Free in a cereal box

And it glows!

Let's not forget the kiwi spoon

It sure is fun sorting and cleaning out cupboards for packing.


LingoVise Says... said...

Major Congrats on your closing!! Whoohoo! Let's hope your periless journey has finally reached it's end :)

Anonymous said...

And I thought you were just getting ready for a picnic...LOL!!

Are you about to flip out yet getting ready for your move?

Hope not :-)

God bless,

Suzanne said...

lol, It's amazing how many plastic utensils one house can have.

carrie said...

that wouldn't happen to be used plastic would it?

Sisterlisa said...

lol we have the same glowing cereal spoon .. we got ours in Apple Jacks with Indy Jones on the box. ;O)

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