High Altitude Academy

Today was the first day of school. And I am PLEASED to say that it went well. Given that the last year was spent floundering at Slacker Middle School, it was a joy to head back to HAA.

The first year I homeschooled ClayGuy, I noticed that many homeschool families had a name for their school and thought that I should get on board with that. After some time, I arrived at High Altitude Academy. Colossians 3:2 is our theme verse.

"Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth."

The fact that the acronym is HAA was kind of humorous, too. The Comedian came up with an alternate interpretation of HAA - Happy Attitude Academy. We like happy attitudes.

As is tradition (slightly modified this year), here are the first day of school photos:

The Comedian


I used to take a shot of the boys standing on our front porch in their new school clothes, with their backpacks and usually a Target bag with Kleenex, just before we walked to school. We don't have a porch, just a stoop. They don't have new school clothes and backpacks. And I don't make them bring a bag of Kleenex boxes to homeschool. Instead of a two block walk to the local school, we went down the road to the xeriscape exhibition garden. There are still some great flowers blooming, and of course, I had my camera.

A bright, happy sunflower to greet us on the way.

The road less taken.

I learned that Black Eyed Susans are a coneflower.

We saw this sweet little baby bunny all over the garden.

I'm amazed that this turned out at all - my battery was very nearly dead and the butterfly was far away. Zoomed in and shot anyway.

We accomplished the hours and subjects according to plan, the boys cooperated, and my kitchen counter got cleaned. All to God's glory! I know it won't always be that way, but I will sure appreciate these days when they come.


Anonymous said...

I like the name of the school... both of them! :) Very neat. I'm glad everything went well today. That is a good start!

Di said...

Oh your photos are beautiful!!!!!!

Beth said...

Love the name! Happy first day!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures....I also enjoyed reading your "all about me" post.
Thanks for sharing,
Grandma Starr

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