22 Years

We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary over the weekend. Many thanks to Carrie for the anniversary game. We played at dinner at a favorite local Mexican restaurant. Then we wandered around Lowe's, creating a dream list of appliances for our new home. Nothing a few thousand dollar gift card wouldn't take care of. LOL!

edited to add: btw, I made my dress and veil :D

The Anniversary Game (our version anyway) - We each had to come up with something from each year we've been married. I don't think we put any real rules or parameters on ourselves.

1986 - We got married!
Hubs - Went to work for the RV Department at the Ford dealership
Me - Went to Paxton, NE with my sister & cousin in the Toyota

1987 - We moved to California
Hubs - Got his first Jeep
Me - Got my first profit sharing check and bought a nice 18 speed bike

Hubs - Went to work for Fred & Jack
Me - Took a Vivarin trip to Colorado with hubs & cousin

Hubs - Moved to San Jose
Me - Experienced 7.1 earthquake (Loma Prieta - opening day of World Series)

Hubs - Moved to Roseville
Me - Got impetigo after spending an evening in hubby's boss's hot tub (5 of 6 of us got it, not just me)

Hubs - Made a crazy, 3-day trip to Colorado with my dad
Me - Went to work at the Biomedical Engineering Center

Hubs - Moved back to Colorado
Me - Bought our first house (from my sister and brother-in-law)

Hubs - Trip to California in November with a 5-week old baby that took FOREVER. Especially since we got stuck in Rawlins, WY
Me - Got Cody (our dog) and bought a camper (before having ClayGuy)

Hubs - Traded his pickup and shell for his second Jeep (aka Speedy)
Me - Lost our minds while buying our second house

Hubs - The Comedian was born
Me - Our house began to crumble

Hubs - Oops, couldn't come up with one
Me - Left corporate position to stay home with the boys

Hubs - Traded the Accord for a mini van
Me - Became a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Hubs - First trip to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab
Me - Went to San Diego for SU convention

Hubs - Weekend to Empire and rode the Georgetown Loop
Me - Family's first trip to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab

Hubs - Employer moved south
Me - Took the train to California

Hubs - 9/11
Me - Helped move Mom & Dad back to Colorado

Hubs - Employer moved yet again (much closer to home!)
Me - Tried to sell our house (114 showings, 4 failed contracts, no sale)

Hubs - Stepped down from being service manager
Me - Got Canon Rebel SLR camera

Hubs - Kevin went to be with the Lord
Me - Stopped being a SU demonstrator

Hubs - House began to sink, bought the Scrambler
Me - Moved to our current home

Hubs - Sold the Scrambler, got the van
Me - Threw a big surprise party for my dad's 70th birthday

Hubs - Went to a fly fishing clinic with the Comedian
Me - Threw a surprise party for my sister's 40th birthday

Hubs - Bought the Avalanche
Me - Went to see TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, and Matthew West.

And hopefully buying a house . . . very soon!

Looking forward to many, many more wonderful years.


Gabriel said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 22 years, wow. Here's for many, many more.

SimplyAmusingDesigns.com said...

Wow. I can't remember the events of the last 7 years...you managed 22!

Happy Anniversary - you make a very sweet couple! :)

SuperAngel said...

CONGRATS! that is really awesome you have been together that long! YAY!
Happy anniversary! :)

Miss Amanda

Marsha said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! I like the Anniversary Game.

Great job on the dress and veil! I'm impressed!

carrie said...

good job!

yes, I'm just now getting around to reading this...

I'm sure that was challenging.

the next few years will be gravy.

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