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Homeschool MemoirsIn keeping with the motto of "Encouraging, informing, and connecting the homeschool community," the HSBA has a fun new meme starting today ~ Homeschool Memoirs. Many of us blog as a way to record our memories already. With the weekly themes, you'll continue to have an ongoing record of your homeschooling adventures, plus you'll have the opportunity to learn from and share with other homeschoolers. Each Wednesday the theme is posted and you have the next week to get a post up. Then go back to the HSBA, sign the linky, and see what others had to say about that week's theme. This should be a lot of fun! If you want to find out more, click either icon and check it out.

The first theme? Tell a bit about yourself. Who's the mom behind the blog? What's your homeschooling story?

I looked into homeschooling when ClayGuy was getting ready to start kindergarten. Things never quite came together, though. A friend made a comment (I can't even remember the specifics now) that ended up leading to public school. We lived just a couple of blocks from the local elementary school. It was a small, very community-oriented school. Having a high number of homeless students, the staff was very attentive to the needs of the kids and worked hard to ensure that they were all on a level playing field, at least while in school. It was a nice school and seemed a good place to be.

Both boys attended this school from kindergarten through 5th grade. We never had any intention of sending either one to the public middle school. Our assumption was that when 6th grade began, they'd be heading to a Christian school. As we started doing the math, we quickly realized that our budget and the school’s tuition were never going to become friends, not even acquaintances. That started us down a somewhat convoluted path (bunny trail) towards homeschool.

So we brought ClayGuy home for 6th grade and left the Comedian to finish out 5th grade at the public school. I was grateful because it gave me just ONE kid to work with while trying to get my feet wet that first year. The next year, the Comedian stayed home with us, causing me to get wet all the way to my hips.

We're just about to start our fourth year; ClayGuy's heading into 9th grade and the Comedian will be in 8th (well, if you utilize the public school system grade levels). Last year wasn't a great year. We floundered much of the time and it seemed that I never could get my footing. My running joke was that we attended Slacker Middle School. I'm happy to say that we left that place behind. With God's help (I can't do any of this in my own strength), we won't be going there any more. Nor will we visit Slacker High.

I suppose that really wasn't much about me, now was it? Okay, briefly then (she says with a maniacal laugh):
  • I'm a crazy and scattered woman, bouncing from one thing to the next and back to something else in practically the same moment. I tend towards an all-or-nothing mentality, which makes balance a very elusive goal. There is no middle ground. Or if there is, it's forever lost to me.

  • I love Jesus and have been walking with Him since March of 1990. I got off to a slow start, but He's a patient God, for which I am ever grateful.

  • I have a wonky sense of humor. I love to laugh. Until it hurts. And then laugh some more. Until I can't breathe.

  • I enjoy creativity, but don't fit it into my life as often as I'd like. I love photography and would like to learn so much more. I've been scrapbooking for about 12 years. I'm an avid reader and usually read multiple books at once.

  • I love games and puzzles and words. Am a Scrabble junkie. Mostly with my mom. Also Boggle with her and/or my sister. Lately we've been playing some Yahtzee.

  • I fly by the seat of my pants, yet love the idea of a tidy and structured life. But feel confined and restrained at the thought. I'm very contrary to myself. I make myself nuts with all sorts of strange little self-talk. Back and forth I go. One little me on each shoulder (not devil and angel - more like OCD me and whimsical, carefree me).

  • I am consistently inconsistent. That's the only place I have a solid habit built into my life. Well, that and drinking Dr Pepper.

  • I drive a white mini van. It's practical. One day that will change, but it works for now.

That's enough for now. If you're even still with me. I can get a little quite wordy at times.

So I'm wrapping up plans for a new, unslacking sort of year. Because my boys grow and change almost daily, homeschooling (and parenting) is a constantly moving project. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m blessed and honored to have this opportunity.


Suzanne said...

You know Diane, the things you mentioned are exactly why we love you!

Hold your head high because you are doing the toughest job out there -- a mom. Plus you top that off with being a teacher for them! I admire your perseverance.

Let your roots grow down into him and draw up nourishment from him, so you will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught. Let your lives overflow with thanksgiving for all he has done. Col 2:7 NLT

Delete said...

Great introduction Dianne! It is so interesting to read the different ways in which we were all led to our homeschooling journey. I look forward to getting to know you better throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

I know God is holding you in the palm of His hand and prayin' that this school year is much better than last!

And congratulations on your anniversary! I saw that the other day but wasn't able to post a comment. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got those same guys on my shoulders! Yet I'd call them Reality and What I Think I Am Doing.
Many Blessings,

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great to learn more about you! :D

I'm a new homeschooler, so I enjoy getting to learn how people homeschool.

have a great year!

Dana said...

I'm a people watcher by nature and, I have to say, you would be a most interesting person to watch! LOL Loved your post. It made me laugh and want to keep reading, wondering what you would do or say next! LOL

Here's my link: www.cherry-soup.blogspot.com

Sisterlisa said...

Hey I like my mini van. Miss Amanda says she hopes for one someday. :O) Such different goals for a teen no w a days. And such a good one too, since we know who will be riding in her mini van.

SuperAngel said...

Fun fun! So glad you brought the boys home. :)

This was fun to read enough though I know you! You are such a dear sweet friend! :)

Yes, I hope I can get a Chrysler Town and Country (http://www.chrysler.com/en/2008/town_country/)... the new ones with the sliding door windows that roll down! those are so awesome! :) Right now I just drive our 15passenger van! :P

Glad you enjoy Jocelyn and I as be go back and forth! :P

Miss Amanda

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

I too am inconsistent. =) And I talk to myself...even in public.

In Walmart the other day, rounding the corner I said, "Okay, now all I need is the ... and I'll be done." Nearby, I heard a mom say to her teenage daughter, "See, I'm not the only one." LOL

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