Bliss in a Bag

We made a quick stop at the store tonight, and as we perused the cookie aisle, I was sort of ambivalent. I wanted something dessertish and sweet, but didn't know exactly what that something was. As I checked out the Pepperidge Farm cookies, I wasn't really in the mood for my usual Chessmen, so I kept looking. Who knows, there might be some yummy, new cookie goodness that I'd previously missed?

Well, I found something alright. Something so good that they're exceedingly dangerous. I present you with Amaretto Milano cookies.

Oh my goodness! They are incredibly delish! Dark chocolate and amaretto sandwiched between two delicate, buttery cookies. Heaven in a cookie. These could be the source of my demise, they are so amazing.

And they're mine, all mine. Muwahahahahaha.


carrie said...

you're mean.

Anonymous said...

I posted, come by and read it! Comment if you want!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...those sound & look dangerous indeed! Could I have just one - PLEASE?????


Suzanne said...

Yum! I imagine it would be even better with a chai!

Di said...

Oooooo, the double chocolate Milano's are to die for, too!!!

Melissa Markham said...

Man...now I need to go out to the store...amaretto and dark chocolate....ahhhhhhh

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