Great & Mighty God Things

In the last two days, God has just blown me away with His grace, love, and kindness towards me.

As some of you know, we're house hunting. We've been house hunting for 6 months. We've made yet another offer on a house (offer #7). However, at the same time that we made this offer, hubby's income went down - significantly. His employer decided to pay him differently. So he got the smallest check he's had in a long time last week. Now we have this offer out there and if they accept, we have to get an inspection done fairly soon, plus an appraisal.

On Monday, I was downloading our bank account information into MS Money. It wasn't pretty. Pay day was a week and a half away and things were looking bleak. Huge sigh. Our realtor calls to let us know that it looks like the bank is planning to accept our offer. With a couple of changes. One being that they want the inspection date moved up. Meaning we need to pay for an inspection, with money we don't have, sooner. Bigger sigh.

Our realtor received a worksheet for the counter proprosal. Since we decided to move forward, they'll need to send an official form. One that can be signed. We're still not sure how this will all come together. Still not under contract, but moving in that direction. I put a call into our lender to update them on hubby's income.

Great & Mighty God Thing #1:
It turns out that our loan approval was already based on hubby's basic income - without the extra hours for which he is no longer paid. His decreased income had absolutely no effect on the amount for which we're already approved. Worried for nothing.

Still stressing about how on earth we're going to make it to next pay day. Hubby's doing some work for a guy this weekend and will be paid then, but that was still a ways off. It's really not looking so good. My van's down to a quarter tank of gas, my sister's birthday is tomorrow, we have less than a gallon of milk (we go through 4-5 a week), and on it goes.

Great & Mighty God Thing #2:
I checked the account on the bank's website this morning and it was off, significantly, from what I showed in MS Money. If the rent check had come through, there shouldn't have been as much left as was shown. If it hadn't come through, we were in big trouble. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Then I remembered that I was working with MS Money the other day, not the bank's site.

I opened our file and discovered 3-4 checks that had been entered twice. The money was taken out twice. We weren't in the hole anymore! We could actually make it to pay day without selling any blood. Praise God!

While I want the bank that's selling the house we're trying to buy to come through pretty quickly, cause we'll have an August 15th closing date, if it all comes together, I really wanted to put off the inspection until next week. Like on pay day. It's hard to be anxious and drag your feet all at the same time.

Great & Mighty God Thing #3:
Our realtor called this afternoon and guess what he had in his hot little hands on his computer in a pdf file? The inspection done by the previous buyers who had a contract on the house. They GAVE it to us. For FREE. It was done by a very picky inspector and they usually cost even more than a typical inspection. And God gave it to us.

Every single thing that I have been concerned/worried/stressed about, God has TOTALLY taken care of. And in ways that I'd never have imagined. Isn't that the way He is? We can see Options A, B, C, and D. And here comes God with Option H.

I'm humbled and floored by His kindness. He's already done it all. Jesus already paid the price for my sins - past, present, and future. He's already given me a hope and a future. Yet He cares enough about me to do these amazing things in this big old house hunting adventure. I certainly don't deserve it. But it's never been about what I deserve. It's all about His love, His grace, and His mercy. Because He's God and I'm not. And He loves me in spite of me.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3


Donnetta said...

Yep... that sounds like Him!! ;-)

WHOO HOO! Rejoicing right along with you!

Anonymous said...

I've got goosebumps!

Beth said...

Oh, praise the Lord! He is so good, and things always happen in His time. I will continue to pray for you and your family through this situation. Wow, and Aug. 15 closing date doesn't seem that far away, but that can most definitely be a blessing. Glad to hear the update!

Girl Raised in the South said...

His way is always, always, always better! I use something called Mvelopes and sometimes see a duplicate entry, and have to remember that it's not the same as what the bank says - sometimes thats a very good thing. Glad to know it was so with you. Your new template - great stuff! Good for you.

Daiquiri said...

Great and mighty, indeed! :)

Thanks for stopping by earlier. It's nice to meet you!

Sprittibee said...

Isn't it awesome when you know that God intimately cares about the details in your life? That's what separates Christianity from every other religion. Jesus paid the price for YOU. Personally. And he can't wait to share heaven's mansions with you in the sky.

We get so caught up in the anxieties of this life that we forget where we are going. The King of the universe is doing backflips up there - anticipating the day that we'll be with him for eternity.

Di said...

AMEN!!! I've had a few of those moments myself this week. Praise God!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though God's plan "H" stood for "Help" in time of great need, and "Humble" because you had mentioned how humbled you felt after He had done all these things for you! He is so awesome!

Jacque Dixon said...

You know, I got this in my Inbox earlier, and I came here and saw all the comments and thought, "why am I just getting this?". But this came right when I needed it.
I am stressing. I am feeling the weight of so many things going on, and I needed this. Thank you for sharing.
What a blessing our struggles can be to others when we show God and give him the glory!

HUGS and blessings!!!

Anonymous said...

Am excited to see pics of the new house when you get it!! Is it farther out than you wanted to be? Your family is on the other side of town, right? I know you said you wanted to be closer.. I hope it all works out!!

God bless,

Robin said...

What wonderful blessings! Your praises almost made me cry. God is so good - all the time.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Thanks so much for stopping by earlier!

How exciting to have things work out for you re the house-hunting.

Looking forward to reading your posts!

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