Are You Coming to the Party?

BlogHop 08 imageTotally short notice, I know, but there's a party tonight! It's a Blog Hop and you're invited!

Apparently this huge bloggy women's event called BlogHer is taking place this weekend in San Fran. I'm sure some of you know all about it. I know OF it, but that's about as far as that goes. Nevertheless, if you're not at BlogHer or you'd just like to meet some new bloggy friends, come join the BLOG HOP 08 at Robin's place tonight. It starts at 9 pm CST (that's 8 o'clock for those like me here in that land of Mountain Standard) and will likely keep running through the weekend.

In addition to checking out some party peeps' posts, there will be a chat taking place tonight. Fun stuff!

So come on back and check it out. Meanwhile, I'd better come up with some sort of party post. Oh, did I mention giveaways? Some partying bloggers might just be giving away stuff. At least that's an idea that Robin tossed out there. Maybe you could find something groovy to try and win. Maybe I'll find something here in the midst of my reduction of stuff.

Besides, partying on your computer means eating your own snacks, drinking your own beverage, wearing your most comfy clothes, and not using preciously expensive fuel to drive anywhere! Such a deal.

See you at the party!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dianne! Nicetameetcha!

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