Friday's Feast - #186

I have plenty to blog about, but no time to do it at the moment. So a little Friday Feast seems to be in order.

Invent a new flower; give it a name and describe it.
Ooooh . . . I'm not really good at coming up with new words. I usually prefer to chop up modify existing words. So, how about a Honey Lip Lilac? The color variety of tulips combined with a honey-lilac scent. Yeah, sort of lame, but I just don't feel very floraly creative this morning.

Name someone whom you think has a wonderful voice.

Mac Powell of Third Day

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how clean do you keep your car?
Hmmm . . . probably between 5-6. Two boys in the back (and requisite friends) can make for some interesting finds.

Main Course
How do you feel about poetry?
I really enjoy poetry, but don't partake of it often. While I like the various styles of poetry, I've always had an affinity for limericks. Does that make me shallow?

What was the last person/place/thing you took a picture of?
This is the easiest question. We've had some snow recently and yesterday was pretty gloomy. But today is sunny and 50's. Snow & morning sunshines makes for a perfect photo combo. So I was out in my sweats, getting wet sitting on the ground, frozen fingered, taking shots of various snow covered and capped things. Grass, trees, plants, mailbox, etc. A majority of my photos are on film, so I'll get them developed and post more later. In the meantime, here are a couple from my little digital. They're not great - I think those with my SLR will turn out much better.

My neighbor's snow capped flower heads

Hmm - would've been better if the sun shone on it (I think)

The view down my street - original picture (very blue)

The view down my street - desaturated

The view down my street - overenhanced

Our lamp post and well


carrie said...

I just cannot even fathom driving down a neighborhood street and see a mountain just right there! How surreal, and yet it's just an every day thing for you. Or is it?

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I miss the mountains! I really loved the Organ Mountains in NM. Hopefully we can get to see them again this summer. Its been about 3 years since I have seen them. :(

Thank you for your thoughts on my article! I really enjoyed reading them and I appreciate them!

Love, Prayers and Blessings,
Miss Amanda

Robert said...

I saw Third Day in February. It was one of Brad Avery's last shows with them. Glad I caught them before he left. I blogged about it if you care to check it out. It was a great show and yes, Mac sounded great.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Carrie - it's every day, because they're always here, but I love and enjoy them most every time.

Amanda - having lived here most of my life, I know what you mean. I just love the mountains on the horizon. The flowers belong to my neighbors - I'm sadly lacking, but the neighborhood is not, so I appreciate their efforts!

Robert - We saw Third Day a few years back. Guess I'm out of the loop, as I didn't realize taht Brad left the band. I'll check out your post. I am just amazed by Mac's voice - it's just beautiful!

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