All my Friday morning pictures had a blue tinge to them and I wasn't sure why that was happening. I thought, maybe it had something to do with the morning light and the snow and . . . oh, I don't know, maybe the atmosphere. All right, it's not at all scientific - I was just making up stuff.

Saturday, I was shooting a few mountain pix and noticed that they also had a blue tinge. It was slow in coming, but the proverbial bulb finally lit up. MAYBE I had the lighting on my camera set incorrectly.

Sure enough - it was set for fluorescent lighting. The dork jeans strike again.

Gee, amazing what the correct setting will do for you!


Anonymous said...

In any event, you live in a beautiful place!

Unknown said...

I've never done anything like that, uh-huh. And no my fingers ae not crossed (my legs are though). :)
Glad I have such good company in dorkville.

carmilevy said...

I'm a fan of blue, anyway. This has happened to me before - usually after a session of digging through the menus of my wife's point-and-shoot and forgetting to undo the settings when I'm done.

It isn't as bad on my SLR, because I'm more familiar with it and the controls are far more intuitive. But still, I need to stop forgetting this stuff!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Thanks, Gina! It is beautiful here. I hope I never take that for granted.

Lisa Marie - at least it's amusing to hang out in Dorkville! :D

Carmi - this is my point and shoot digital. It has loads of great settings and options, but you have to remember to change them back! My SLR is still film, so that's not an issue. Developing is the issue there. :D

Merisi said...

Lucky me, I still haven't found the button to change the light setting. ;-)

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