To Whom It May Concern

To any of you sweet people who've recently commented on my blog:

I am SOOOO sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I usually do a fair job of at least coming to visit, leaving a comment, or responding via email. Somehow, I've just fallen to the wayside of late.

I have recently discovered (after many hard spiritual whacks to the head, cause I'm fairly thick-headed like that), that my proverbial plate is too full. If your plate has too much stuff on it, something might fall off. Or be hanging off the side, at the very least.

Unfortunately, the side-hanging, falling off stuff is the most important stuff of my life - my walk with God, my family, my home, and homeschool. The stuff that's filling up my plate? It's the secondary things - things that aren't necessarily bad, in fact many are good, but are not the best for me right now.

At this moment, I'm in the midst of a couple of big projects, but once they're done, I'll be moving along, focusing on my real priorities, decluttering our house, and getting ready to move. Not that we've found THE house, but we want to be prepared.

I really appreciate those of you who drop by, and especially when you comment. I will respond, hopefully soon, but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I always enjoy checking out your blogs and meeting new bloggy friends.

Crazy in Colorado,

ps - I do have some fun pix that I hope to have up tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, so be sure to check back.


carrie said...

don't ever feel like you have to apologize to me, Girl! I know how it is. Posting my own blogs take enough time, let alone getting around to everyone else!

It's a real struggle and you have to have some priorities.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I totally relate to that. Life is so full and it's so hard to say no.

Anonymous said...

We are in the midst of the same kind of de-clutter. I am hoping for a farmette to come up as soon as our house is finished and we're ready to move.

I hear you about things taking up your time. Last year I went on a Commitment Fast and found out I was committed to over 25 things! Whoa! God has taken me through a wonderful pruning process. I pray yours bears much fruit.


carmilevy said...

I so relate to every word you've written here. If I had a dollar for every nasty e-mail or comment that I've gotten in recent months lamenting my lack of bloggy commenting goodness, I'd be retired by now.

Life gets in the way sometimes. Most folks just get it. Some, alas, don't.

Speaking of which, work beckons...

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