Surprise Breakfast

I woke the boys up this morning with the promise of a surprise breakfast. They often ask for certain cereals that I don't typically buy. Some of you might know what I'm talking about.

I do let them eat those frozen waffles, so I'm not sure why I won't buy the cereal, but I never have. I also refuse to buy cereal that is miniaturized cookies or donuts or whatever (I did ONCE buy Cookie Crisp, but that was an anomaly).

This is how it looked when I served them

It was a surprise all right. A surprise to find out that your cereal and milk were FROZEN! April fools!!!

You simply prepare a little bit of cereal & milk the night before and freeze them. Let them sit out of the freezer a short time before serving. Add some more milk and cereal to camouflage the frozen goodness and serve your children a lovely, surprise breakfast.

As a bonus, they actually got to have the real deal, freezer-free.


Robin said...

That's so funny! I told my daughter today that the weather forecast was calling for 6 inches of snow in blizzard conditions today. She dressed accordingly. As she was walking out the door into a 50 degree day - I told her April Fool's!
The only thing is these things have a way of coming back around on me LOL!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

LOL!! That's good, Robin! I don't know if my boys are plotting anything against me at this point. I'm usually the only one who does this kind of thing. But we'll see . . . :D

Michele Moore said...

What a great trick! Last year Ty and I made some "spilled cocoa" with craft glue and brown paint. We poured it in a coffee mug we had 2 of, so it looked spilled and added marshmallows. Then we let it dry hidden for a few days.

That night when my husband got home Tyler asked if he could have cocoa and take it to his room to play legos. I said yes and put it in the matching cup, but sent him off with dire "Do NOT spill it on the carpet" warnings.

10 minutes later he had switched his cup for the fake spill and came to tell us he had accidently bumped and spilled. I went off down the hall "mad" with my husband behind me. When Dwayne went to clean it up for me, and picked up the cup, cocoa and all I thought Tyler was going to fall over.

I will have to try the cereal next year.

Anonymous said...

Funny...But for that to work I would have to be up before the kiddos...and that's not happening. I enjoy my sleep too much.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one. Did your kids appreciate the humor? I'll add that one to my bag of tricks. :)

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