Loves of My Life

My Dear Hubby - 20+ terrific years of marriage in addition to the 3 years we dated, during which he had my heart, even though he didn't know it. I am incredibly blessed to be his wife. He's ever so thoughtful, caring, selfless, and loving. Even when we were first dating, I was blown away by his kindness towards me. Never before had anyone treated me so beautifully. While we've had our ups and downs, they were always external - our relationship has remained strong regardless of what came our way. I look forward to many more grand adventures that the Lord has in our future.

Oldest Son (SLH) - He's an amazing young man. It's been a tremendous joy over the past year and a half, during which time I've been homeschooling him, to see his growth in the Lord. He has a very tender heart towards God and is in tune to the Holy Spirit. I pray that he continues to follow the Lord's leading in his life. He's very creative, intuitive, and thoughtful. It's a privilege to be his mom.

Youngest Son (SLSM) - What an exhuberant young man he is! He has incredible zest for whatever he's doing or interested in. He is very sweet, has an hysterically fun sense of humor, and cares greatly for people. He's always thinking, always coming up with cool ideas, and always wants everyone to be happy. I'm never at a loss for hugs and kisses when he's around. It's an honor to be his mom.

JESUS - He loved me before I existed. He loved me when I was a sinner, caring nothing about Him, living however I pleased. He loved me so much that He died on a cross to forgive me my sins and offer me salvation. I am truly blessed beyond measure and blown away that He loves me. My love for Him grows every day and what a glorious day, indeed, when I will see Him face to face!

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