The Incognito Air Hockey Table

Many thanks to Sprittibee who was kind enough to offer me some blogging tips after I posted about my blogging pity party. I'm taking advantage of one of her useful tips as I utilize Photobucket for uploading photos. I took this recently and was intending to use it for a post about feeling terribly scattered.

I am now beyond scattered mode, but after reading Barb's post about deep cleaning her house, this picture kept coming to mind. I'm not sure why - it certainly does NOT represent a clean house. It's more a representation of the catch-all family room where decisions are regularly postponed. Underneath all that stuff (and the red table cloth) is an air hockey table. We don't get to play much these days it would seem.

On a happy, repurposing note (don't you just love the crazy new vocabulary?!?), the kids all LOVE to play underneath said hockey table in conjunction with the foosball table. It makes a very cozy, secret little hideout for them, their friends, and cousins. You can't see the sides of the table, but there are plenty of boxes and paraphernalia to block the sides and completely enclose their lair. I've learned that when I can't find any children in my house, I should go look under the air hockey table. After all, isn't that where everyone keeps their kids nice & quiet?

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