Sorriest Blogger Award

I am pleased (NOT!) to announce that I have awarded myself The Sorriest Blogger. I'm enormously frustrated with myself - the more I want to blog, the less I seem to do it! Good grief! On a relatively happy(?) note, I doubt that anyone reads my blog anyway. If they did, they'd quickly realize that I'm not keeping up so well and not bother to come back. I think I've only told one friend about my blog anyway (besides my honey).

I am always encouraged by the blogs I read and want to be as cool a blogger as Sprittibee or Barb at A Chelsea Morning. Both women inspire me in blogdom, along with a number of others I pop in to read here and there. I hope to be of such caliber one day.

Okay, enough of the pity party. It's off my chest and time to go post something more upbeat!

p.s. - looks like I'll be posting without the image since it doesn't seem to be working tonight. Oh well. Sigh.


Sprittibee said...

Don't be so down on yourself. :) Thanks for the compliment - that was sweet. Here are a few blogging tips from me that will make your experience a lot more fun...

1. If you get an email that you love and want to share (info/funnies/whatever), mark it somehow in your inbox (I use Outlook so I have color coded flags for marking my messages - green is for "TO BLOG").

2. Keep a notebook or a blank calendar (I use a monthly view with big spaces for the days) with notes as to what you might blog about - use it loosely and check the boxes off as you go. It doesn't matter if you use the idea on Monday or Friday... but at least you have a starting point to pick from if you get "blog block".

3. Use PHOTOBUCKET for your pictures. Don't use Blogger's photo tool. That way, you can scroll through your photos easily (it has no limit that I'm aware of), and it highlights your picture's URL and copies it for you. You can paste it into your blog post using the HTML view (I wrote a post about adding photos to your blog on mine for more info).

Hope that helps. I also use Technorati and Delicious for linking (categories) keywords to my posts... but that is a bit more technical. Have you signed up with Technorati?

Have a great weekend!

God bless... and remember - blogging is fun, even if you don't have a bunch of people reading it. Do it for yourself... that's all that matters.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Thanks! I appreciate the comments and tips. I did have a notebook around here somewhere - ha! ha! - to jot ideas in. I'll have to unearth it.

Yours is actually the first blog I ever read. I picked up the link from the KONOS eloop way back when.

I do remember you writing about posting photos, so I'll go check that out. I didn't have any problems until this past week. Fortunately, I got a digital camera in November, so the photo part is much easier than before.

No, I'm not signed up with Technorati (I don't even really know what it is!). I'm still a blogging neophyte.

It hasn't been a big deal that no one reads my blog - like you say, it's mostly for me. If I ever get up and running on a regular basis, I may let people know I have one! Ha! Ha!

Are you still in Texas? Hope you're having a wonderfully blessed time! Keep up all the great blogging!

Anonymous said...

Can I join the club?

And can I just say that Spiritibee's comment would make a great blog post! Tee hee!

Bookmarked your blog, fyi. I'll be back!

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