Garlic & Guacamole

I've always known that my subjectivity is incredibly random, but tonight as I was preparing dinner, it really hit me in the face (not literally, thank goodness).

Digging around in the frig, I found my trusty jar of minced garlic, hibernating in the recesses of the top shelf. I mostly use fresh, but I wanted this to mix with melted butter for garlic bread. As I looked into the jar, I realized that this particular garlic had been a part of our family for quite some time - after all, it was nearly empty. Curious, I checked to see if they actually date things like minced garlic, and to my surprise, they do! To my greater surprise, the date was June 16 . . . 1996!! How could that be? We've really had this garlic for well beyond 11 years?!?!? Seriously, I use garlic much more often than that!!

Well, I cannot imagine that minced garlic in a jar could really go bad - after all, garlic kills off all kinds of stuff, right?!? It smelled fine to me so I proceeded to use it on the garlic bread. When I returned the last teensy little bit in the jar to the frig, I noticed a container of guacamole dip, also located in the garlic's neighborhood of the top shelf. I found myself thinking, "Gee, that's been in here awhile, it might not be good any more." Deciding that it surely needed to be tossed by now (after all, it came to our house the day of the Super Bowl), I checked the date - April 1 . . . 2007! What?!? How could it still be good?! Oh, fine, I guess it could stay awhile longer, although I couldn't imagine how it could be digestible at this point! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I greatly dislike guacamole - anything that's green and mushy really shouldn't be eaten! But since hubby loves guac, it's still hanging out in the top shelf recesses with the garlic.


Kristal said...

Wow... I thought I had some old things in the kitchen. I think you have me beat. I did find some jello boxes that expired five years ago recently. I threw them out thinking that they surely bad.

Ms Mothra said...

I still have some yummy Riviera Minestrone soup from California. I ate some for lunch today - the can said best by August 2006. I ate it anyway & it was delicious!

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