Too Tired, Not Home Enough

Well, wouldn't you know it - I finally have some things to blog and I haven't been home for the past few days enough to do anything. Today we were gone all day and now I'm just very tired. So maybe tomorrow (or Sunday) I can catch up.

2/14 - Valentine's Day: delivered flowers much of the day

2/15 - Fragility of Life: 3 years ago today, God took a dear friend home to heaven

2/16 - More Shopping: still trying to get snow boots - WAY too late in the season, though. Selection is slim to none. Nothing like having average-sized feet since those are the boots that are all gone. UGH!

2/17 - Boy Scout Klondike Derby: get to spend 12 hours or so in the snow (hopefully with snow boots!). Did pick up some little Toasty Toes to keep the feet warm!
No pictures today - I'm going to bed.

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