Friday Fun

Since it's the end of the week, I figure it's a good time to post something fun - a little reading snack . . . just because . . . it's my blog and I want to. So here's the first installment.

When my sister and I were younger - teenagers and early 20s - we often asked to borrow things from one another. You know, the usual sister-type stuff; blouses, shoes, makeup, perfume, etc. Somewhere along the way, we developed this insane habit whereby we would allow the other sister to borrow said item, but only with the following clause:

"Well, okay. But don't a) ruin it, b) waste it, or c) use it up."

As if?!?! I mean like I would really have swiped all of her blue eye shadow on in one application?!?! Like she would have "ruined" my curling iron?!?! Maybe if she decided to use it as a pogo stick! It's quite humorous now to think about it, but we were very serious back in those days.

I must admit, there was one (and only one) time where one of the Dreaded Three happened. It was in my BC life and I was at a bar for New Year's Eve, wearing a gorgeous soft pink sweater borrowed from my sister. While cruising through the crowd, someone bumped someone who bumped someone else, and WINE was spilled on the front of her sweater!! Horrors!!

I don't remember exactly how it got clean or resolved, but it is the only time on record (my mental record, that is) that the clause was actually broken. She didn't disown me and we're still friends - whew!

Now as not-quite-as-young adults, we still toss out that clause every so often. Only we come up with whatever would be the most preposterous option. Like I ask to borrow a pan and she'll say, "Okay, but don't use it up!"

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