One Thousand

Holy moly! This is my one thousandth post. Who'd have thought back when I started blogging in September of 2006? Certainly not me. Of course, I'd have been here a lot sooner had I not neglected this blog so severely the past couple of years or so. But that's water under the bridge. Time for moving forward.

{randomly gratuitous photo}

shallow dof flower

I really came over here to continue my belated Dallas series (no, not the TV show - I never was a fan). But then I realized that this would be #1,000 and it seemed that I should at least acknowledge that. So what's happened in 1,000 posts over seven years? Well, here are a fewsome of my favorite posts. And because I apparently am not good at getting off the far ends of the over/under whelming spectrum, there are a bunch. Read a few. Read them all. But, please, read something. Those with asterisks are my favorite favs. Just in case you were wondering. Never mind that. I would have to asterisk all of them. Besides, 21 out of 1,000 is a pretty good culling, I'd say.

  1. A little sisterly silliness from back in the day
  2. My strangley inconsistent views of food expiration dates as they relate to garlic and guacamole
  3. Thoughts about the little things in life
  4. Hubby's Jeep
  5. The phone call from my Dad about exploding eggs
  6. My youngest niece dancing music at two and a half
  7. The day I was brave enough to participate in the morning face challenge on my blog. Either that, or I wasn't awake yet.
  8. No wonder I can never focus on anything for very long
  9. The day my son wanted to put glue on the stairs
  10. I seriously have a LOT OF HAIR
  11. Yep, I still like listening to the Talking Heads while randomly meandering about
  12. Trouble in Rivet City
  13. As if my 13 year old son (at the time) really had any idea what old school meant
  14. My interpretation of signs at the laundromat
  15. Join Jenny and me on a trip to Crazy Tasty Town
  16. The kid who wears shorts and sandals year round
  17. More random silliness
  18. The post in which I decide we need an extra month
  19. My awesome manly man
  20. Six Degrees of Fish
  21. Lessons learned from a week of being psuedo-unplugged

Kudos to you if you got this far! Kudos to you if read any of these. And a big old thank you, from the bottom of my little bloggity heart.


Kristal said...

I choose three that peeked my interest... loved them.

Congrats on 1000...

Gabriel said...

Congratulations, Dianne!!! Here's for many more thousands... :-)

Skeller said...

randomly gratuitous photos are the best! congrats on your 1000th post :-)

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