Dallas, part 3

Sunday night, our bathroom sink was draining very, very slowly. But I didn't really give it a whole lot of thought. I would, however, give it more thought the next morning.

Monday was the second day of the tournament for Bailey's team. The bathroom sink (which was very deep, by the way) was very full. Of dark brown sludge water. Ewwww. We had to brush our teeth in the tub. Neat.

Caleb's stomach was still bothering him, so he stayed in the room. Yes, the one with the icky dark brown sludge water. I was planning to contact the hotel later, as I knew Caleb would go back to sleep once we left.

No, I did not photograph the icky dark brown sludge water. You're welcome.

Being at the tournament I pretty much forgot about calling the hotel.

Cracked me up to see Cliff jumping that high while Kaylie just stood there. She is 6' tall, though.
dallas - day 2_04

Another awesome serve by #2.
dallas - day 2_01

My other niece, chillaxing.
dallas - day 2_03

dallas - day 3_11

I got back to the room in the middle of the afternoon and one of the maids popped into our room to switch something out, so I mentioned the icky dark brown sludge water. She promptly called maintenance. Who didn't show up. For a couple of hours.

I had gone down the hall to get ice, saw the maid again, and she asked if they had taken care of it. When I told her, "No," she looked rather horrified and told me to call them right away. Which I did. The guy was there very quickly this time around. He told us it would take quite awhile to repair this issue and we could stay in that room or be moved to a new one. Since my sister and her family were on the 15th floor and we were on the 13th, I asked if there were rooms up there, which there were.

He went downstairs to take care of all the administrative issues and returned with a cart and new card keys - which included access to the executive lounge for our trouble. Plus we got to be on the same floor with the rest of our family. After getting settled in our room, we had dinner with the rest of the family, minus Bailey, at the Tin Star. It was pretty yummy. I even scored an awesome, in-the-shade-all-the-tme parking space!

Easy to spot a yellow jeep, even from the 15th floor.
dallas - day 3_04

Then we came back and hung out in our room for awhile where I was able to photograph an amazing sunset.

dallas - day 3_05

dallas - day 3_06

I guess all the laying around the room for a couple of days gave Caleb some pent-up energy. So he decided a couple of Superman stunts might be fun.

dallas - day 3_07

dallas - day 3_08

dallas - day 3_09

dallas - day 3_10

Oh yeah, Bailey's team won more than they lost again. Sweetness.

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