Glue on the Stairs

Now that my boys are 13 & 12, it's often hard to pinpoint ages from their "Little Boy Adventures," so I'll just wing it. Either that, or I'll pull out my old Franklin pages for more specific details.

However, having no Franklin pages available at the moment, I'll just plod on through. I believe my oldest son was around 4-5 when he wanted to use some glue.

Me: "Where are you going with the glue?" as he heads out of the living room/dining room, and more importantly, out of my sight.

Son: "I'm going to use the glue."

Me: "What are you using it for?"

Son: "I'm putting it on the stairs."

Me: "Why are you putting glue on the stairs?"

Son: " So I can have my brother come sit on the stairs and stick to them."

Gee, I should've guessed as much. How convenient to stick your little brother to the stairs. That would definitely keep him out of toys, out of the way, and out of your hair!

Once again, Mom steps in and foils the plans of her sweet little boy. Ha!

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