Dallas, part 4

Who knows how long this will take? At least I'll have a record of our trip. In addition to the trazillion images. Okay, maybe slightly fewer than 3,000. But it feels like a trazillion when you're culling and sorting and editing and such.

Tuesday was the 3rd day of tournament play. Fortunately, Caleb was finally feeling well enough to join us. I was really disappointed that he missed most of the first day and all of the second day, but he enjoyed hanging out in the hotel room by himself.

After volleyball, I had some time to wander around and take a few (more) pictures. Fountain water is always interesting. To me, anyway.

dallas - day 4_01c

dallas - day 4_01d

dallas - day 4_01b

We saw an awful lot of this garage entrance.
dallas - day 4_01a

I wasn't really sure what the deal was with these two enormous letters.

After I walked over there, I discovered a sign (no idea why there's no picture of that, which said something about a part of the next BIG thing. When you stand in the middle (there are footprints to guide you), you become the letter I in the word BIG.

dallas - day 4_02

dallas - day 4_12

dallas - day 4_11

dallas - day 4_03

Since it was the last night in Dallas, the entire team, including families had dinner at the Grand Lux. Which is in the mall. Which mean we could walk. Nice.

dallas - day 4_01e

Back at the hotel we discovered this beautiful Maserati parked out front. Drool. Drool.

dallas - day 4_10

Of course, all three of them couldn't possibly cooperate at one time.

I could probably clone Caleb's bunny ears out pretty easily.
dallas - day 4_04

This one could've been good...had Caleb been looking at me. Maybe I'll paste his eyes in from the previous picture.
dallas - day 4_05

And then the silliness began...
dallas - day 4_06

dallas - day 4_07

dallas - day 4_08

dallas - day 4_09

And yes, her team won more than they lost again.

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