Happy 2013

January 1, any year:

A clean slate. 

A brand new month. 

A brand new year. 

A fresh start.

Being that not a single one of us is perfect, I find few people who don't feel at least the tiniest desire to change, improve, or do something better in a new year. Resolutions, many of us call them. Or we call them something else, seeing how resolution has become synonymous with failure. No matter what we call it, it's a tough road to journey for three-hundred and sixty-five days without discouragement, frustration, and distraction sidelining us.

There are many projects and endeavors in which I want to participate. After all, January 1st only comes once a year. If I don't hop on today, my chances of joining prior to the next January 1st diminish significantly.

Project Life
365 Project
Project 52
One Little Word
Read Through the Bible in a Year
1,000 Gifts / Joy Dare
The Happiness Project
and many more

The above are just some which lure me personally. In addition to eating better, going to bed on time, getting more exercise, drinking more water, blogging regularly, reading more books, and a myriad of other goals and intentions.

Do you ever reach a point where you feel like perhaps this year could be different? Perhaps this time you really could actually make some different choices? That's where I am. While I can't possibly do all of the things listed above and still manage the life I already have, I'm picking a few.

One Little Word
I've seen people choose or pray about having a word as a sort of theme for the year. There are blogs, websites, classes, and even a book about your word. Every year, I give it some thought, and some years, I even come up with a word. But being a notorious quitter (actually, I'm not at all notorious, I'm more of a secretly quitting and hoping nobody notices and calls me on it person), I've never followed through with such a project. In order to prevent this from ending shortly after it begins, I signed up for a class at Big Picture Classes, called One Little Word, taught by Ali Edwards. I hope that this will keep my word at the forefront of life, keeping me on track this year.

My word?

It's actually tied to my secretly quitting and hoping nobody notices and calls me on it issues.

persever - olw

I often struggle with following through on things. I have the best of intentions, get all fired up to start something new and better, but my motivation quickly fizzles and fades. Rather than picking myself up, dusting off my proverbial britches, and getting back on the road, I bemoan the fact that I've failed again, think that I might give it another go, and feel guilty that I probably never do.

So my goal this year is to just get back to it. Take that step. Do one small thing. Whatever it takes. I'm ready to see some different results this year.

As He usually does, the Lord is already preparing the way for this. I read some things which I hope will encourage and remind me along the journey. I'm listing them here so I can return to them when I need to.

* * * * * * *

There are a couple of other things for 2013, but they'll wait for tomorrow. After all, I'm going to bed earlier this year.


~michelle pendergrass said...

What a great word!! Let' remind each other when we get down how important it is to have this focus!!

I feel like I have follow-through issues, too. I'm getting better, but nowhere near where I'd like to see myself!

carrie said...


kayerj said...

that's a great word you picked there. Here's hoping the New Year is a good one for you. kelley—the road goes ever ever on
P.S. Mama Kat's writer's workshop has this topic as a prompt today. You should link up.

The dB family said...

That is a great word! I've only done the one word project once, and truthfully I don't even remember what my word was anymore, so I likely didn't do a very good job of it. Happy New Year!


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