Six Degrees of Fish

Do you know about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, that's sort of how my brain operates.

For example, I was going to write a post just now about our morning at Starbucks with my sister and my nieces last week on the day before school started. It was also the last day of my fisheye lens rental from BorrowLenses. Naturally, I have some fishy pictures from our morning. While trying to come up with a clever post title involving Starbucks and fisheye, I thought of Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes. Mom gave me a cassette (yes, it was a few years back) of Barnes & Barnes which had that song on it. Well, it turns out that one of the fictitious brothers Barnes is none other than Bill Mumywho played Will Robinson on Lost in Space. (He's remarkably talented in many areas, btw - interesting bio.) Not only that, but his daughter, Liliana Mumy played Charlie's step-sister (the cute red-headed girl) in The Santa Clause 2 and 3. And since it's only January, we've just come off of a few viewings of the SC movies.

Sometimes when we're watching a movie or tv show, I'll look up information on IMDB. But it's sort of like getting on Pinterest. One thing leads to another to another (Yes, now THAT song** is in my head. You know, the one by The Fixx.) and you learn all sorts of trivia about actors and actresses that may or may not be of future value to you.

Like when you try to write a blog post and become completely distracted...

** That Fixx concert was at Rainbow Music Hall in Denver in 1983. Which reminds me that John & I, along with one of his best friends, Stan, and my sister, went to Rainbow Music Hall in October of 1983 to see Huey Lewis & the News. When they were brand new on the scene and most people didn't even know who they were. But if you said, "The band who sings Heart and Soul," they knew who you were talking about. And yes, now that one is in my head. You're welcome. We bought tickets for that show the day before for $9.00 each (I am seriously old, aren't I?!?!) and we were only three rows away from the stage. Incredible show. Two years later I saw them at Red Rocks where they sold out three shows. Tickets were a little pricier, too. Probably $12.00 - $13.00. Ha! Ha!


Oh yeah, pictures from Starbucks with the fisheye lens. That will have to be another post, because this one's already full.

And then I wonder why I forget to do the laundry or start dinner.


The dB family said...

Well, you just reminded me I think I left my coffee on the table in my mud room. How did I get that thought from your post? I have no idea! :o)

amber @ classichousewife said...

Ahahaha!! I so get this. =)

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