Accomplishment on a Windy Day

Boy howdy, was it windy around here today! Caleb was working with John, so Zach and I headed off to run some errands. On the windiest day in . . . well, a very long time. Thankfully we weren't blown to Kansas or Oz or some crazy thing. Although, I'd like to go to Kansas and see Carrie, but not in a cold wind, thankyouverymuch.

I've accumulated a bunch of piddly little errands that have just been nagging at me and getting moved to the next week (and the next week...) in my planner for far too long. But no longer! Today, we accomplished the following:

  • Mailed a book to Shannon (I'd better email her!) 
  • Dropped off a friend's things at her storage unit (space in my van again) 
  • Returned some curriculum to Mardel's (bought more than I meant)
  • Exchanged maple sugar at Savory Spice (garlic-smoky-bbq doesn't taste good in there)
  • Dropped off the utility bill and payment (they like it when you pay them)
  • Picked up books on hold at the library (Caleb's interested in woodcarving) 
  • Took pictures of the wind blowing a fountain sideways (no, not a piddly errand) 
  • Bought spiral-bound index cards for scripture memorization 
  • And we threw in lunch at Chick-Fil-A for good measure. Or maybe that was for good taste. Well, tasting good, anyway. 

Some of these tasks I've been trying to accomplish for awhile now, so it felt wonderful to get them off my list! I'm ever so happy that they won't be moving forward into next week with me.

Oh, and the wind today? Holy moly, Batman! That was NOT fun. Nor pleasant. I got a couple shots of Pikes Peak while we were downtown, as well as some shots of the train tracks and the bridges. Cold, but not bad.

pikes peak

tracks bridge-vignette

Then we stopped at a park on the way home since the water was blowing horizontally at the fountain. The wide-open park offered plenty of room for cold air and wind to whip violently around me. Enough so that I had to wear the hood on my hoodie. But my poor fingers? Well, let's just say they got the worst of the deal. I shot pictures until I could no longer change camera settings because my fingers had no feeling.

frozen waterfall closeup

fountain pond ducks

frozen waterfall-sm

And then I shot a little more.

windy fountain pond

Zach said I was nuts.

We had to wait for my fingers to thaw before I could drive home, though.

Happy little best-of-all gummy bears who get eaten last. Because they're the best!

Poor frozen, dried-up fingers.


Beth said...

I know the feeling! I love scratching those items of my to-do list, and I have often (TOO often) had to move them from one week to the next. What a good feeling to start this week with a fresh list! :)
That train photo is beautiful.

Kristal said...

LOVE that train shot!

Feels good to get things off your list. Seems like things are always being put on it..

The dB family said...

Getting the to-do list done is a great feeling. Numb hands not so much! I have discovered that fingerless mittens help a little with that. You still get frozen fingers, but at least the rest of your hand isn't totally numb too. Beautiful photos!

Indrani said...

I like those frozen moments! :)
Best wishes for 2013!
Missing you at my wordless moments. :)

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